: Overcome The Geographical Boundary Of Surfing

by | May 28, 2013 | Web 2.0 Apps | 0 comments

There are some services, advertisement and entertainment made only for the local people of a specific region. The world wide server catches your location and the search engine provides you some geo targeted results which are not visible to anyone else. Even if you belong to a country and not located there currently, you will not be able to visit some WebPages which are only made for the country. This is a geo restriction which can be overcome with the help of GeoSurf. This is a unique app which can be accessed on your favorite browser and that would let you surf the net in a free manner.

The app, GeoSurf provides you opportunity to roam around the web world of a different country just like a local and you can use this premium proxy toolbar to gain media intelligence, instantly. Your GeoSurf account will let you know about the network connectivity status of different location and will also provide you access to the GeoSurf toolbar, downloads, GeoSurf for android/iphone and many such things. The cost of securing an account with the app can vary according to the package you choose but you can always upgrade or downgrade your account.


  • GeoSurf allows its users to surf the web of 110+ global locations from their own computer without any geographical boundary. The geo targeted websites can be accessed with the premium proxy servers.
  • GeoSurf VPN can change the IP of the entire machine which will affect all your operation and even the chat window.
  • GeoSurf for iPhone/Android provides geo targeted result instantly to your mobile.
  • You can download geo-targeted content to your internal system via API gateway through GeoSurf Direct connect API.
  • GeoSurf toolbar is targeted towards the browser configuration and you can download this toolbar for chrome, Firefox, and internet explorer.
  • The mobile emulator simulates the results on your Smartphone. For example, you can see what a website looks like on an iphone or a Galaxy in any country from your Firefox browser
  • You can check out the server details before you use the server from logging in from your specific browser. Make sure to use the proxy server of the specific country to browse like a native.
  • The eco-system of display advertising can be unveiled using this app. You will get a closer look of the methods used by them and that would let you plan your strategy for advertising.
  • The GeoPlus is quite efficient in letting you know about the stats of the advertisers and about the mediators.
  • The network is secured, reliable and always available.
  • You can also get this service for your play station.
  • It is an anonymous proxy which will not give out your IP information.
  • You can start with the trial version of GeoSurf and then move on to upgrade.

Summary: GeoSurf is an app that provides you access to more than 110 proxy servers which allow you to surf the internet like a local or provides a closer view of advertiser’s policies and eco system. The app offers varied services with multiple applications.

Good: You can check out each and every service of the app for free before you make the purchase. Anytime upgrade and downgrade option is present with the service.

Bad: The app provider has taken care of each and every aspect of proxy surfing and thus, negatives are not much notable.

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