Gesturely : Enjoy Sketching Patterns

by | Sep 22, 2015 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

If you are sick and tired of typing long texts or email ids again and again, or this auto correct option of your smart phone is getting on your nerves then you have a good reason to cheer. Gesturely a newly designed app, exclusively for I-phone enables its users to assign specific pattern of gesture, be it a symbol or a mere geometric shapes against any god dam phrase. Such that whenever your need to repeat yourself with the same text, you just have to apply or select that particular pre-fixed gesture and Gesturely will immediately insert your desired phrase assigned behind that symbol or gesture.


Special features of this brand new user friendly app

  • No internet coverage required: The App once downloaded, needs no further access to internet to run
  • Unlimited gestures in the library: You can create or draw innumerable number of gestures, the options are never ending.
  • Verified and secured via password: All the gestures or patterns designed by you are password protected and are securely stored in your default mobile memory. So their motion is “Gesturely-Password safe Gesture Keyboard”.
  • Ingenious software with super class algorithm support: When you assign a gesture, the app inbuilt algorithm immediately converts it into a jpeg or rather say pixel format making it more convenient for its priceless users.
  • Compatibility devices: i-phone, i-pad, i-pod touch, all devices operating in i-OS 8 or other latest versions.
  • Size: It’s a small app, engulfing only 6.4 MB of your available data balance.
  • Price: It’s not a free app and you need to withstand a pain of 1.9 bucks.
  • Version: 1.2 and was updated recently, September 15, this year.


Pros of this newly conceived app

  • User Friendly: You can employ gestures to any phrase, starting from your email ids or usernames to SOS messages or mere long never ending text which you need to send to your clients round the clock, or few of those your favorite words you like to repeat in a sentence.
  • Time Saver: It saves a lot of time and energy, usually wasted while typing a long quote or to fight back against this no so smart feature of smart phone, Auto-Correct.
  • Rapid switch: While using Gesturely you can switch between your mobile phone keyboards as well as can draw gestures.
  • Reduces Typing error: As you need not to type a lot, this app will save you from encountering silly typo errors.


Cons of this app:

Since this is a newly launched app, its pitfalls are yet to be discovered. Still now not many reviews are registered against this app. But some new users are showing disregard via mentioning that the app sometimes come to a stand still while working or may hang a bit. But such reviews are very rare and do not furnish enough evidences to come to an ultimate conclusion.

Final Verdict:

New, innovative user friendly app with some mind boggling features, which keeps on getting updated. Most importantly save gallons of time and patience which get burnt out while typing. Since it’s a small data consuming app, one must give it an honest try straight away. So, download the app and enjoy sketching patterns.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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