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by | Feb 13, 2014 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Accept it or not, everyone is eager to know what is in store for them in future. That is why it is daily routine to check the horoscope in the newspaper. When that is missed, you feel something is missing from the day, but with horoscope apps available in the app store, that deficiency will be fulfilled. You can not only check how your day is going to be, but you can check whenever you want. Stylish horoscope is one such app on the play store which will let you know about your future, every single day.


Stylish Horoscope, presented by Droid experiment, provides you an option to add more than one person in order to check the future. You don’t need to put the dates again and again when you have mapped the person to the system. All you need to do is to check the horoscope by the day. You can not only check for the current day but also for the coming days. The look of the horoscope is quite stylish and that is why it is named in such a way. The total app is available for free and there is no in-app purchases required for the same. The future prediction that is displayed on the screen is not a one liner, but it is a detailed forecast that you can implement in your life.



  • Stylish horoscope provides you access to the forecast of 6 days proceeding the day of the checking.
  • The app is designed for mobiles and tablets and the neat and clean look of the app is quite soothing to the eyes.
  • The app provides forecast according to the date. Once you open the app, it will show you the prediction for Aries. You just need to go to the menu on the left hand upper corner, add new person with the name and date of birth. The app will show the forecast for the person for 6 days.
  • Apart from the next 6 days horoscope, you can check what was written for you yesterday. This will give you a fair idea about the reasons for the happenings of yesterday.
  • The horoscope is almost correct for all the zodiacs. Astrologers with 15 years or more experience have designed the charts for you and thus, the results are proper.
  • The app is a multilingual one.
  • You can share your finding through social media.
  • It is possible to set different dates for different people and the result will be shown on the same screen.
  • If you don’t know your sign just enter date, the app will calculate the sign and let you know.
  • The app version 1.0.5 takes around 2.7 MB space on your device.
  • The app requires android 2.2 or later and it is available for free.

Summary: Stylish Horoscope is actually a distinct looking horoscope app made for mobile and tab. The app looks stunning and the data is accurate.

Good: It is a free horoscope and the number of data it can fetch simultaneously is amazing.

Bad: The visual effects could have been enhanced.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App

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