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by | Mar 5, 2012 | Web 2.0 Apps | 0 comments

Neutrino is a tool built to easily share ideas among a group of people and get their response. It is a cloud based, request for comments (RFC) system.

Although the concept of RFC system has been long used in networking systems, Neutrino makes it available to everybody. If you get Neutrino for your organization, you can easily put any idea or thought into the system and your co workers can give you feed back, comment or even ask you questions related to that idea on Neutrino’s system. When you sign up for Neutrino you get separate wikis for each team or group you would like your organization to be divided into, and one wiki for the whole organization. When you create an RFC everyone else on the team gets notified, they can then comment or agree with your thought. This RFC can stay there for days or even months. There is no time limit or expiry to these. You can close this RFC whenever you want to. It would still be in Neutrino’s system but others cannot comment on it, but you can always go back to it for future references or reminders. If you have up to ten users in your team Neutrino offers a basic plan at $25 a month. In this plan the number of users are unlimited but, you can create as many RFCs and wikis as you please. They have different plans which change with the number of users on your team.

Neutrino is a brilliant system. It provides instant feedback for any thought or idea you get. You may not always go for every idea that comes across your mind. But if it is noted down somewhere you can always go back to it and work on it later. Similarly, as you get feedback of your co workers it makes it easier for you to work on that idea. Another advantage of having an RFC system is that sometimes in busy schedules you make a decision or go ahead with something but in future you might not remember why you took that decision. Neutrino makes it easier for you to remember what you are thinking of today, six months from now.

You simply post your idea through Neutrino and it is visible to your team members. Every time a team member posts an RFC other team members get a notification. This makes the whole process much swifter. With the busy life styles, it is easy for anyone to delete an email or lose a memo. In Neutrino your ideas remain stored until you delete them. With more emphasis on team work and employee empowerment Neutrino serves as a powerful tool to address both. With every employee able to give feedback and give their own ideas, they feel part of the organization more then ever.

Neutrino comes with a 14 day free trial and with RFC systems success in the fields of networking it is not a bad idea to sign up for the free trial and see what it can do for your team.

Apps4Review Rating :  8/10

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