Giddy Gem Crushers : More Realistic and Exciting

by | Jul 3, 2015 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

If you like match -3 puzzle games, then Giddy Gem Crushers is the new puzzle game that is taking the iTunes app store by a storm. The exciting game allows you to play against your friends to see who is the best on match-3 puzzle games.

Giddy Gem crushers game description.

The Giddy Gem crushers is a match 3 puzzle game that lets you real time match 3 puzzle game against other expert gamers. The game comes in two different game modes. The “Story Mode” and the “Arena Mode”. The story mode is a single player option which lets you enjoy the game on your own. The Arena mode on the other hand is a multiplayer mode that lets you compete against other real time players in order to determine who is the best in the Giddy Ville folks arena.


Features of the game.

1.Single player and the multiplayer option- This game comes with the single player and the multiplayer option. The single player option allows you to play and hone your gaming skills alone without other competitors while the multiplayer option allows you to test your gaming skills against other experienced gamers like you.

2.Real time multiplayer Arena Battles- This game has a feature known as the real time multiplayer arena battle. Here you battle it with other gamers in battle of wits to determine the champion of the multiplayer arena.


3.Unique characters- The game comes in 3 unique characters and lets you choose the character who catches your fancy. You can also change the character later if by any chance bores you.

4 different maps- The game comes in four different maps. The four different maps give you a wider variety of exploration options. Each maps has it own adventures. This makes the game very exciting and unpredictable since you will never know what you will come across with every new map you choose.

5.Over 100 unique levels- The game has over 100 unique levels. You unlock a new level every time you complete your current one. This will keep you hooked to the game since you will be fighting to unlock as much new levels as you can.

6.Global leaders board- The game features a global leaders board which lets you see your rank against other global players. The global leaders board ranks players according to the number of levels unlocked, your achievements and the rewards that you have unlocked. Since you will be fighting to get your name noticed there on the global leaders board, you will have to make sure you play the game as much as you can.


7.Achievements- You can easily view your achievements displayed on your scorecard.

This game is very exciting. The real time arena makes it even more realistic. You have to battle it out against other experienced games so as to secure your place in the global leaders board. Since this game has over 100 unique levels, 3 different characters and four different maps, you will never run out of playing options.

The game is available on the iTunes store. You can download it on your IOS device and start enjoying the exciting features today.

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