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Advertisements and promotions are the basic tools of marketing. No matter how good your product or service is, in the end it all depends upon how you have promoted your product in the market to reach a wider audience. We can see many pamphlets or live shows being going around just for the promotion of a brand. Thousands of dollars are being sent and a unique idea is always the prime search of agents to make the product go viral before its launch. But with so many similar products competing in the market, it is difficult to be the “eye-catcher” of the audience. But what if you could place your ad in the pocket of each of your customers who could anytime interact with you! Amazing, right! Well, that’s why GizmoPlay has been so popular.

GizmoPlay is a software development company that is catered to provide kind of SEO services to your company or brand. But it will not be doing that by customizing the keywords of your website. In simple words, what it does is launch mobile apps that will be promoting your brand among the customers. GizmoPlay has developed a catalog of high-quality mobile software applications. The applications have a standard interface which can be customized according to the need of the brand. The different catalogs available for the apps are a ringtone maker, a mobile radio, promotional band app, iPhone voice recorder, live wallpaper app, mobile shoppping cart, iPad catalog and many more.

Each app bears the name of the brand, logo, contact numbers and other useful information. If the customer asks, they can also launch the app in different markets like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android market. This allows for a wider approach to the consumer market. GizmoPlay also offers a yearlong hosting and access to GizmoPlay’s dashboard for each app purchased. It also collects the useful information such as the user’s email address, phone number and other real time performance stats for the clients to track their product’s success and improve further.

There are fixed prices for each of the app catalog. Though there are free options available as well for small businessmen, paid options are also available. The paid apps may sound to be very costly at about $899 or $999 but looking at what benefits you’ll be earning in your business, it is equally liable to pay for it. Also, the company will be taking care of all the bugs and defects and repair them without any extra cost.

We really liked the app. The idea of mobile ads is very good. This way customer will not be getting bored as that with the regular ad and is more effective. We strongly recommend this app to every businessman, brand or band that needs to promote it internationally.

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