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If you want a task manager that actually measures your phones performance, you should get Go Task Manager for Android devices. Whether you like it or not, some applications open by themselves and run in the background, slowing down your phone and killing the battery faster. When you’re browsing and playing different apps on your phone, you rarely ever close them because these apps make it hard for you to find the close button. So why not find a way to kill those pesky apps every single time with just a tap on your screen?

Go task manager provides control over which apps you want to delete. You can easily access their menu and choose from a drop down list to kill only the checked applications. Go Task Manager is an extension of Go Launcher Ex which is a home launcher app for your android. That doesn’t mean you have to download them both to enjoy the benefits of Go Task Manager. Apart from any other task manager out there, Go Task Manager seeks to improve by having a colorful, visible task manager which you can interact with on your screen.

So you may have already noticed that Go Task Manager has a lot of other widgets available for free on the Android App Marketplace. The purpose of these apps is to provide widgets for everything. If you want a search bar as a widget instead of having to open the internet, you are able to do so. Compared to other applications, this one keeps your running applications on your drawer, so that you can see what you want to kill and what is running easily.

The widget for Go Task Manager shows a status bar in which you can see how the phone is doing in performance. If the bar shows green, yellow and red depending on how “busy” your phone is by running a certain amount of apps. Users rated this application 4.4 stars and one recent review recommends that the widgets take up less space. With this application being free, people should be able to choose this application over paid ones.

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