GolfSites Recap™ – A Complete Golfing Experience

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GolfSites Recap™ – A Complete Golfing Experience

Mooee Ltd, a flourishing and growing mobile apps developer has recently announced the launch of its latest iPad app- Golfsites Recap™. It is the official way to access the App Golfsites for golfers through your iPad. You thus get access to the statistics and information about every player, histories, scores viewing, tracking shot paths and a lot more. It can be presently downloaded from the Apple App Store.

This app has been created for golfers by golfers, offering complete integration with the Golfsites App. Users are given the highly convenient option of choosing between viewing information regarding the rounds and statistics of players in a high resolution or on the big screen. This is a preferred and comfortable choice as compared to the iPhone view. You can do so much including tracking putt performance, your shots, average strokes as per Par, accuracy on Fairway and much more on Golfsites Recap™.

If you want other golf players or your friends to sign in and check out their stats too, then the flexible and convenient Multi Signer option comes in handy using which others can share a single iPad. Know your best shots with the Hole of the Day feature and share statistics of all types and players’ scorecards. You can also show it on a HDTV through AirPlay with Apple TV. The app is free for everyone. Those users who are registered with the Golfsite App are allowed to sign in and those who are not registered are allowed to use Demo features to get an idea of the functions and features of this app.

This iPad app is a complete golfing experience with its excellent presentation and sleek graphics for real winners. The user interface is very comprehensible and simple to follow, with its intuitiveness giving it a unique edge. The complexity of navigation is highly reduced to make the app very simple and also enjoyable at the same time. The GolfSites Recap™ app is very practical and satisfying, serving the needs of numerous global users with support in Japanese, Chinese and English languages.

The GolfSites Recap™ app has many appealing features that make it a complete golfing experience. The best among these is its flawless integration with the GolfSites app. Other great ones include the Hole of The Day, GolfSites Demo version, Multiuser sign in, Ball path tracking, optimization of the user interface, score histories and statistics available. Its motion detection and top-notch animation make the experience highly enjoyable to give you a Real Golf Club performance. Also, you are allowed to share and view your scorecards on the large screen through AirPlay on the Apple TV. This app needs all of 63.1MB space and is compatible with iPad, requiring iOS 5.0 or higher versions.

At the bottom line, this app is a roundabout and complete golfing app for those who love golf. And now you can play on your iPad without having to sweat under the sun. Get the most amazing golfing experience with its integration with the GolfSites app.

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