Hamad and Sahar :Re-live the kid inside you

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Always been an ardent lover of Arabian folktales and culture? The developers of the wonderful application has kept in mind all your needs and programmed it just to suit your exotic taste! We all belong from such an era where smart phones, tablets, and laptops are filled with apps, but seldom do we use them in our life.

Hamad and Sahar is a completely different game app. Once you download and install it, even if you are not much of a gamer, you are bound to fall for this game for its simplicity, user friendly nature, unique game plan, mysteries and glimpses of Arabian scenic beauty.



  • A team of young and talented Khaleeji entrepreneurs have launched this fun game very recently hoping to create versatility and challenge Arabian stereotypes in the coming future.
  • This game named Hamad and Sahar offers the players an Arabian platform where they can play either as Hamad or his beloved sister, Sahar. Well there is another interesting twist in this game. Depending on the player you choose, either Hamad or Sarah, the storyline would be quite different.
  • These two cute little playable characters sets out in an adventure one fine day and explore the world of Arabian folktales. One has to use her ability to use slingshots, eggs, and jump and bump your head to break blocks and find what’s inside it. Then you will have to acquire all those valuable and recovery items like keys, food and other things for graduating to next level.


You are given more than one life for playing a single level.

  • It is developed by Space Crescent who continuously boosts the game to grow by updating and gives new features like novel outfits, levels and original choir soundtracks.
  • The game Hamad and Sahar has over 30 levels and 6 unique bosses!
  • It comes with an awesome saving feature and supports Arabic as well as English language.
  • The story is very interesting, mysterious and has a good ending. The new version has modified the way to find the keys!
  • Its best feature? Well, it comes absolutely free without any hidden costs!



This game plays Arabian tunes which enhances your senses and lets you get a feel of the Arabian atmosphere. It has so many cool features.

  • It comes with nice and colorful graphics with simple controls, so that even a kid can enjoy the adventure.
  • The game is very easy to play and graduate to the upper levels in attractive Arabian world created by the developers.
  • Hamad and Sarah can be played by all age groups as it is as easy as super Mario series.
  • Smartphones and gadgets with android 2.3 and up easily support this adventure.


There is a tiny problem for children playing this game. While it is simple and user friendly, it can sometimes prove be a bit of challenge as one would need patience and skill to climb up the levels.

Final Verdict:

Get set and download this Arabian app totally free of cost and spend your spare time playing in a relaxed and exotic Arabian atmosphere!

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