Hapimomi Family Calendar : Sync With Your Family

by | Jun 16, 2013 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

One’s life usually revolves around one’s family and a few close friends. What if this was to happen in your virtual world too? With Hapimomi Family Calendar, Lists and Social Network iOS app, you can create your own private network to plan things out and share with those close to you.

Joining Hapimomi is very simple. All you have to do is create an account by signing up and filling in a few details and adding a photo. Then you can add your friends and family to your network, following which they will receive emails having login credentials for them. They can then download the app and sign up too. With this, you have your private network in place and ready to use.

This iOS app allows you to share a single phonebook, shopping list, diary, calendar and a lot more. This sharing can be done with individual people in your network or with the whole group as per your choice. All this for free! Connect and communicate better with your family through this app.

Hapimomi has a unique feature in the form of a ‘Wall’, where you can post things that you want to be kept private. You can do a variety of things such as sharing that you had a great time at the party of wishing someone a Happy Birthday and lots more. The ‘To Do list’ is another feature that you will be very grateful for. It does away with the mess of having to make phone calls or leaving notes in all kinds of places. Just put things on this list, including photos if needed.

Every family has their own private memories and photos that you cannot afford to lose. These can be kept safely in the ‘Diary’. This is accessible to everyone in your network and can be edited by all of them too. If you need someone to pick up items for dinner on their way back home, then the ‘Shopping List’ is the perfect solution. There is also the option to add specific stores and categorize items according to which store they need to be bought from. This also helps you keep track of when and by whom they have been purchased.

One often finds it hard to remember important dates and events. This is where the ‘Calendar’ comes in handy. You can add events and classify them by date, category. Location, starting and ending time, when you must be reminded, and whom you wish to share it with. With all these options, it is much more than just a calendar and is a blessing at times. However, this calendar does not sync with the iCloud calendar, which would have been a great option indeed.

The user interface has been kept simple, easy to use and focused on the theme. The app is highly intuitive and navigable too. It performs its aim of keeping the family in touch excellently with great unique features. Miscommunication between family members is reduced to a bare minimum and bonds are strengthened as everyone stays updated with the latest happenings.

Good: Well-categorized calendar, to-do lists with customized sharing

Bad: Calendar does not sync with iCloud calendar

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