Hooked on Words: Exercise your brain

by | Jul 18, 2014 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

If you are a vocabulary buff and constantly like to test and improve it, then the iOS app Hooked on Words by PlasmaWorks will help you achieve just this. This highly addictive app is just perfect when you need some time by yourself to play with words. When you grow tired of classic word games like Scrabble and crosswords, Hooked on Words comes like a breath of fresh air, refreshing your vocabulary.

hoo1As an alert for those downloading this app, it can indeed get very addictive in no time. To keep you hooked, it offers a number of modes. The Standard Mode allows you uninterrupted flow of words for as long as you like. To mark the end of your session, there is a small check mark that you need to click at the bottom of your device screen. Best to resort to this once you run out of tiles.To begin with, you are presented with an empty board and letters are dropped from the top of the screen.  To identify a word, you need to swipe your finger vertically, horizontally, diagonally or even zig-zag. If the word swiped is a valid one, the selected alphabets will disappear and an equivalent number of points are added to your score.

hoo2The alternate mode is the Timed mode wherein you have exactly 2 minutes to make the maximum number of words possible.  Due to the time limit, it can indeed get quite challenging and fun. It is truly a great exercise for your mind. And the key to this mode is to make longer words.

The Collapse mode is another interesting mode. Rows of letters are continually added. The same applies for the Scramble mode, with the minor difference that letters do not disappear once you have spelt the words. You need to make do with the existing tiles.

hoo3While the game might sound slightly complicated, the tutorial helps get the hang of it. The scoring scheme is as simple as can be. Each letter has a value point assigned to it and there are double words and double letters as in Scrabble.  Your ultimate aim is to get the highest score possible. To add to the challenge, there is a certain word on the top left of your screen.  If you succeed in finding that word during your session, you are awarded bonus points for the same.  Each mode has leaderboards to help you keep track of your progress.  You can keep track of the top words that you spell and also share these can also be shared with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

The gameplay is very simple and highly intuitive as compared to other apps in its niche. This iOS app is available for free on the App Store. There are an immense number of ads that can get distractive. The pop up video ads indeed tend to get on your nerves. Thankfully, to get rid of them, you can pay $0.99 once and for all. The various game modes gives you a good choice.

Good: Number of modes to suit your taste.

Bad: Ads can be a source of distraction.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App

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