iFile Browser : An Indispensable App for iOS Device

by | Jan 23, 2013 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

The iFile Browser is a storehouse of information at your fingertips which can be easily utilized anytime. Managing files by downloading or supporting any type of file is easily handled by this App. Accessing, organizing, or editing every file stored on the iOS device and on the cloud storage account in a single location is all possible due to the multitasking capabilities of this amazing App by Beleela.

Accessing files saved on remotely located accounts, browsing every type of file possible, and uniformly managing your precious documents are all added features of this indispensable App. The iFile Browser offers irresistible services in the form of access to examine any file you require or want.


●The iFile Browser is not just an App which can enable accessing each and every file stored onto your iOS device. This App is directly connected to the Dropbox account and provides backup to iCloud.

●The iFile Browser enables you to access and open each and every file stored in your account even if it is usually not supported by iOS. Any format of video, picture, or document is easily supported by the iFile Browser. The task of managing your documents or files is made very easy with this cool App.

●The functions “Cut,” “Copy,” and “Paste” enables cutting, copying, and pasting of the entire file or certain specified parts of the content of any file or document.

●The names of the files and documents can be changed or edited easily.

●Sharing of files or documents of choice with contacts using email is possible.

●Air Print option enables printing of documents from any printer, irrespective of the location, through wireless mode using Bluetooth connection.

●The ability to send or share large files using email is possible due to the compressing option in which files can be compressed into zip files.

●Just like compressing files, decompressing zip, rar, and tar files in order to open files with large storage capacity which cannot be easily opened on iOS devices with the click of a button is made possible due to the iFile Browser.

●Locating documents or files n Dropbox by name is done using an inbuilt feature of this App, the In-app file search bar.

●Importing or clicking photos is achieved effectively by utilising the iFile Browser. Other attractive features include addition of photos directly onto the iFile Browser by using the App to take a snap and saving it directly or importing photos from the iPhoto Gallery, Photostream, or Dropbox accounts.


The iFile Browser is an innovation which promises to manage, download, and support any type of file easily. File management involves accessing, organising, or editing every single file stored on the iOS device and on the cloud storage account. The multitasking, easy to follow features help the user to save time. The App is reasonably priced and proves to be worth the cost. The ability to easily manage documents, along with the feature of Dropbox integration is really effective.

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