Infinite Music – iPhone App Review

by | Apr 30, 2017 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Infinite music is iPhone, iPad based app which uses audio analysis technologies to find the rhythm, tempo, and split each song into small audio sequence that are dynamically linked together such that they can create the new song that can play endlessly. Using this app your playlist becomes more interactive and you will be able to rediscover your iTunes library with smart remixing and mashups. This app allows you to keep all songs in one place, you can also put your music in different playlists and categories. This interface is easy to use and also suitable for music lover’ s requirement.

This app requires iOS 9.3 or higher and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app also attaches to an email account in which you can long touch on the attached file to play that file. It explores thousand of playlists in any genre in vast apple music catalogue. Hear world’ s best artists and DJ’ s broadcasting at one place using infinite music app by also background and multitasking support. It usually improves its features as it usually improves tempo processing and audio sequence linking. When you opens the app the infinite music app starts playing the mashup of selected songs from library. Using this app you can also create mashups by selecting a genre or playlist. Grub your music to see its structure at glance and also it extracts the sequence of music that flow together. This app comes with various features as~

~ You can play your song from the playlist automatically by jumping to the acoustically similar song that are of small sequence but are dynamically linked together.

~ With infinite music app you can also composes you own customized listening experience by simply selecting the appropriate audio sequence to link to this library.

~ Also, it comes with active song transition option in which infinite music allows you to find, save and jump between the songs.

~ Your music can be played as usual but you can also select the music locations when you want to jump on that beat .

~ Playlists can also be changed automatically in this app with your activity detection such as resting, walking , driving, cycling and you can also set your playlist according to your mood. As if you are running 122 steps/minute and you don’t like the song then you can use your legs as remote by changing your speed then you’ll get the new song matching with your new speed.

~ You can also play your favorite music with never ending remix according to your taste that will be always be different according to your choice.

~ If you have lights and you want to enjoy the moment, then you can enjoy a dynamic light show that is spectrum analysis based on the music.

~ In infinite music app, you can also play your music in normal way as it also supports portrait and landscape modes and 3d touch .

Thus, in this infinite music app in iPhone and iPad can you enjoy the music according to your taste and mood.

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