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by | Jun 4, 2015 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

I’m am an outdoor person. Partying. Attending events, never missing my favorite games. I enjoy it. That’s my life. But what’s the use of all these without a nice company of friends. Recently, heard that the Teknowledge software has released an app for iPhone to stay in touch with friends and family. I was a bit skeptic to use it, but anyway went through downloading and started using. And voila, this app surpassed all my expectations. To my surprise, this app added a new perspective to my enjoyments. My parties were much more fun than earlier. Watching sports became much more than just supporting my favorite team. Now I have my family and friends with me. Enjoying with me. Thanks to InSlideOut (I\O). But don’t think that this is another usual social networking app. InSlideOut even helps you purchase social event and live event tickets, so you could connect with the people you care about in the cities you want to visit and catch a glimpse of your favorite sports team or band when they are on the road and on a roll.


InSlideOut has a unique feature which helps you choose both your favorite sports team and your favorite music band, both at the same page. You can pick your favorite team from over a variety of sports. Even, you can toggle between professional and college teams, scroll through team names and choose the ones you wish to follow. Now that is something which even the pro-sports apps hardly offer, even if they do, not in such an elegant manner. You can also find out which teams are facing off, check the venue, dates, time other details for each match, every minute details, i reckon, and buy the tickets with a single tap. Same goes with the next split tab on the same page, the music section. You can select your artist and your favorite bands and get notified whenever they perform in your chosen city or any other city you want to take a road to.

Boy, InSlideOut has got some intelligence, with the Automatic suggestions feature : If not sure where to go or what to experience? No problem. InSlideOut automatically suggests you the latest exciting and relevant events based on your interest and affiliations. It’s an amazing way to know what’s happening in another city and even in your own, without having to spend time or effort researching. Just set your preferences and lay back, relax..!!

If you are a person who hates creating a custom profile as required in other social networking apps, then you have got to love InSlideOut. During the initial signup itself, it creates a custom profile setup, that too to much of your liking.
With one of the most user friendly interfaces, InSlideOut is perfect for people like me, who live by the word GO. The icing on the cake is the advertisement free screen with the personalized view.
Oh my..!! I just forgot to tell the most important feature, You can even split your event ticket purchases among your group and easily transfer to and from their inventory.
This is a Super-cool way to plan a special get-together with loved ones.

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