iTraps Mini – An App that Sets Traps For You

by | Jul 3, 2012 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

iTraps Mini – An App that Sets Traps For You

iTraps Mini is an electro-mechanical game that managed to keep me glued and fascinated for hours on end. It has been developed by Vittorio Cazzadore and is excellent for Apple devices. It truly is a comeback of a popular classic game in the past. The most interesting part of this app is the secrets that you have to unveil yourself. It is a perfect race that rightly gauges one’s ability to guide and to control steel balls right from the start of the game until goals are made within the time allotted.

This might sound easy but is not, owing to 10 unique and challenging obstacles that bar your path. To add to the problem, the track is like a meandering river that twists and turns every which way. Once you begin, you can get to the next ball easily with just one click. You have to dodge many obstacles using the push button to get to your goal.

There are many features available on this app game that makes it so much fun. The gravity is highly realistic, with a game center and 10 obstacles, each of which is based on a different logic. The simulation resembles that of the original game to a great extent. To add to the social element, you can share your score on Twitter. The sound is in HD to add in a touch of excitement. This app can only be played on an iPhone, iPad and iPod with iOS v 3.2 or later ones and a minimum space of 6.6MB, restricting the app exclusively to Apple. Besides, this app game is available only in English at present. It poses challenges that get you to rack your brains and find answers.

I purchased iTraps Mini app at a reasonable price of $0.99 USD and have no regrets regarding this at all. I also learnt that it has been made available all over the world by the Apple App store. Its developers are hailed to share an overwhelming passion for the Apple products, and have been developing on the platforms of the iPad and iPhone ever since the year 2009. It currently is said to offer a whooping 29 apps in the Apple App store. Their focus is laid on each individual element of marketing, graphics, concept proof, audio, and marketing.

I had heard quite a bit about this app before it was released on 25th June, 2012. It was only when I used it myself that I realized it was worthy off all that praise and glory. It is packed with action and puzzles that will keep you going till the goal is arrived at. Its user ratings seemed incredibly high at first but I myself rated it quite high once I had played the game for myself. If you wish to have puzzles, action, games and entertainment- all at the same time, then you must try out iTraps Mini. It has been said that Vittorio has been working on this app for around 3 months before its release and I think his efforts have surely paid off.

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