Junior Coder : App for Your Kids

by | Feb 1, 2016 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Junior Coder is the new mobile application that has been released to ensure that your kids are well introduced to basic computer knowledge. The Junior Coder is an mobile application that was developed by NybleApps LLC and it can be supported by devices that have an iOS operating system (iOS 7.0). The Junior Coder has been designed for children who are above nine years. This mobile game has been highly rated and once you download it, your child will never be the same again. This is a game that can be played by your kids at any time. Junior Coder application uses puzzles and simplified gaming ideas to teach kids the basic concepts of Computer Science.


The game starts of with simple sequential thinking and then it moves on to more complicated levels of conditional flow, optimal solutions, looping and other computer concepts. The Junior Coder also enables your child to create more puzzles at the end of the game to challenge themselves or other kids. In this application each computer programming concept is introduced as a single game. The kid will then be required to complete five levels of difficulty that are unique and fun. After grasping the idea, the kid will be required to create his or her own puzzles that are meant to reinforce the ideas and the concepts that they have learnt.


When you purchase Junior Coder your kid will be able to enjoy a wide range of features. The application has a very amazing easy drag & easy drop feature that will make the game play more natural and amazing. The kid will not have much difficulties because of this feature. Junior Coder provides a Stellar Award Chart that keeps track of the progress of the kids and this motivates them. Your kid can also compare their progressive patterns with their friends. In the Junior Coder games your kid will also win medals and badges as they complete the levels progressively. Junior coder helps your kid learn the following skills progressively as they play the games.


1. Pattern recognition skills
2. Advanced Functional and procedual thinking
3. Efficient Programming skills
4. Looping and repetition skills
5. Debugging skills
6. Control flow techniques using logic

It is not bad to call this application a classroom supplement for your kid. Junior Coder greatly improves the thinking capacity of your kid to great levels. It is more than just a fun game.

The Junior Coder developers released a new version (version 1.1.0) on jan 27 2016 that has integrated some minor bug fixes. The new version has also added an in-app purchase and a very comprehensive How-To-Play Demo that is meant to help straters know the rules of this application and how to play effectively.

The pros of using this application are;
1. It is very educative
2. It is easy to download and use
3. It is very attractive

Some of the cons of Junior Coder are;
1. Its only available for iPads
2. It is only available in English language.

Looking at the weight of the pros we can say that Junior Coder is a good application that is best for your kids.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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