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Are you worried about your kids’ obsessive apps usage? Has no clue what your child is doing online and whom they’re chatting with? Nowadays, the SmartPhones have become a huge part of our life and so as for kids. They provide us everything we need at our fingertips from communicating to online shopping. Besides this, technical world is full of so many dangers also that you never know will harm your kid’s life anytime. All the people, including kids, are using the modern apps and are addicted to them.

The most common is YouTube, which has already become your competitor for the kid’s attention. So, you can’t stop your kids from using them, but you can limit its usage and keep an eye on them every time to protect from any misuse. If you want to check their current whereabouts after school and monitor their online activities, what should you do?

You know that cyberbullying is among the top reasons of the child’s depression. So there is a need to find some permanent solution for you and your kids safety. If you’ve provided a mobile phone for your child, then you can keep track of their online activities as well as call logs, messages, etc. using Kidgy Parental Control App. Yes, it’s a great app developed by the digital parents and offered by Altercom.

It’s really an awesome app to monitor your kid’s each and every activity online if the app is being downloaded on your phone as well as your kid’s mobile. If you’re worried about the excessive usage of your kid’s Facebook, Snapchat or any other social media apps, then set limits on them. Block adult sites or any other sites that are harmful for them. Try to guide them and limit the time your child spends on those sites so that they can mainly focus on school activities, etc.

With Kidgy Parental Control App, you can track your child’s GPS location, do Geofencing- set safe and dangerous zones around your home, Grandma’s place, etc. Whenever they cross these zones, then you’ll receive notifications.

Sometimes, you feel embarrassed to check
Don’t worry about your kid’s over usage of apps because you can easily manage it with Kidgy.
It provides you with a chronological log of all outgoing and incoming calls, including numbers and names of the callers allows you to see text messages even the deleted ones, installed apps, panic button which sends an alert in emergency cases when the kids press it.

On the whole, I would say that Kidgy is the only application that offers the easiest and the most effective way of mobile tracking at the same time. Being a caring parent, you should know how it’s important to monitor your kid’s phone activity.

So try this app now on your Android or iOS device and make sure that you’re satisfied with the results obtained. This Kidgy Parental Control app is not only hassle-free, but also affordable for any parent!

Pros: monitor kids online activity; track GPS location, Geofencing, call logs & messages, Panic button for emergency alerts; easy to use; hassle free; beneficial for parents; free to download.

Cons: none.

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