Kitchen Aid Kit Pro Finally.The Recipes Are Actually Useful

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Kitchen Aid Kit Pro Finally.The Recipes Are Actually Useful

If you love that healthy fragrance of the kitchen and share the same feelings for those spices as the chef of a reputed hotel, it is equally likely that you watch those recipe shows to try and make something new you have never tasted. Experimenting was never that pleasant to the body. But what seems to start as a spiritual journey ends with the lord being not found and a confusing mind with no direction. Just a glance at the recipe and the user automatically gives off; so many ingredients with different weights and cooking time specified in different units. There should be a note written on the bottom of the screen when such shows are on air, “These recipes have been built under expert supervision. Please don’t try this at home.” Don’t you feel the same? If yes, then you might like the next exhibition.

Kitchen Aid Kit Pro is in the iOS house by Hitlab. The app is compatible with iPad only and requires iOS 4.0 or later version. The app does not boycott the airing of such shows. Actually, instead of going against, it goes with the flow and provides a solution of the above problem. Kitchen Aid Kit Pro is a practical app that serves as a helping hand in the kitchen.

As you open the app, the homepage shows you a beaker which can be recast into any shape and size just with a touch to match the measuring cup or glass you are using in your kitchen. So, it represents the virtual image of your beaker. You can save them with desired names to avoid casting it again and again. Against the vertical side is a measuring scale which can be used to measure the content of the beaker in the desired units. On the top of the screen are given names of the standard ingredients used in the kitchen e.g. cherry, cream, peas, etc. You can swipe between them to select the desired one.

But as the app revolves around kitchen, health is an important issue and how can health be improved if diet is not controlled! That’s why, there is a calorific value provided for the contents in the beaker to give you a better insight of your intake. In addition, the app also enables you to calculate the cooking time of some popular dishes, for both burner and oven, and also calculates the time for which a product can be stored in a freezer. There is an in-built unit convertor to help you out in case of those unfamiliar units used by “experts”.

The graphics of the app are lively and enriched with true colors. The setup takes you to a kitchen, neat and clean where everything is well arranged and easy to find. It’s smooth and takes the full utilization of the big iPad screen. However, we would like to see some more ingredients added to the list next time.

The app is available for $1.99 in the App Store. A free version is also available but is limited too containing only the resizable beaker and all other things locked. But still it’s a good offer to check it out.

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