KOTAK – The App That Slaps: Fun and laughs guaranteed

by | Mar 12, 2016 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Often times, it is the simple and innovative apps that get you addicted a lot. These are the ones that are fun and addictive and completely out of the box. They promise very little but implement that very well and in the best way possible. iOS app developers have developed ‘KOTAK – The App That Slaps’ along these lines. This app was developed by and for frustrated users who can’t find an appropriate emoji to express moments of frustration. Well, now KOTAK allows you to send an animated full page KOTAK with sound.  Have fun with it.


With this app you can send KOTAKS- surprise 3D slaps, farts or punches with sounds. It is the perfect way to let someone know that they are on your mind. At the same time, it is excellent to express your frustration to friends, co-workers, family or just any one you like online. It is for those who like to surprise others with slaps. This app allows you to do the same but virtually from a distance. The overall effect is pretty much the same with the superb sound effects and 3D images. It is a unique that implements a concept that has never been implemented before.


The app also has a set of simple yet innovative features that make it complete and fun. In addition to sending a surprise KOTAK, users can also send a message along with it to express exactly how they feel. The app also comes with a full-featured messenger that allows you to include text messages alongside your animations. Both sides can enjoy the fun on their mobile devices and have fun seeing people’s reactions when they are slapped, punched or farted upon. These reactions can be quite priceless and make memories that last for a lifetime.


The user interface of the app is quite commendable. The developers have kept the interface simple and without any sort of clutter. Only the basic features are present. The app is simple and extremely easy to use. The graphics and sound effects of the app are quite impressive too. The app works smoothly on all devices and will not give you a reason for complaint.

The only down side of the app is that it is very addictive. It all starts with a single KOTAK from the sender. There is then a reply that sets off a chain of KOTAKS. You simply cannot get enough of the fun that the app provides. You are guaranteed to make the other person laugh without fail though.

KOTAK – The App That Slaps can be downloaded from the App Store for $0.99. The app is compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. It requires iOS 9.1 or later versions and 23.2 MB of free memory space on your device. With this, you are good to go. All you have to do is pick a 3D image or KOTAK to send, add a text and fire the animation across. You can be rest assured for some fun and good laughs.

Good: Full featured messenger

Bad: Highly addictive

Worth Having App – Download the App

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