Kung Fu Master- Fighter Games Redefined

by | Feb 23, 2014 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Kung Fu Master- The 18 Brozen Man is an iOS app that will take you down memory lane. It reminds one of the street fighter games that they might have played as little kids a few years ago. The common element is that you have to keep striking your enemies and also blocking counter attacks at the same time.

The story underlying the app will be known well to any kung fu fan. It is based on the Shaolin legend and the Hong Kong Kung Fu movie. However, it is not narrated as usual. To make it engaging and interesting, a number of comic backgrounds and battle scenarios are used. This also helps paint a more vivid picture. Unlike most other apps, there is no tutorial. You just get started with the game and pick up the storyline and instructions on the go.

ku1Nonetheless, the controls are quite standard. It follows on the usual controls f the fighting games for console. All you have to pick up are the striking patterns to attack your enemies. These can be picked up in due course of the game. To save yourself, you also have to block the counter attacks of your opponent at the same time. As the strength of the enemy deteriorates, you can begin using your special moves. To activate them, you just have to touch your scroll.

A few of the moves require some skill. You need to have your swipes in places, lest you pay a hefty price. Your character will end up losing the battle terribly. Missing the swipe zone is quite easy in this game indeed. The instructions given during the game can get a bit complicated- in terms of language and grammar. At times, connecting the comic sections and making sense of them is also a bit challenging.

ku2Small things apart, the game itself is quite impressive. The implementation of the controls has been made simple and kept basic. The idea of using comics to portray the storyline is quite enterprising. Else, it would have got too boring and too hard to follow. A legend has been brought to life again, in an interesting way too! Besides, the storyline makes it engaging and fun! The game, on the whole, is a fun, unique and cool experience. It is not only about skill but also about fortitude, perseverance and the will to challenge and accept challenges.

ku3The user interface shows a skill in design and graphics. The battles have been made easy to keep track of with the health bars, scores and more of the player and the opponent pitched against one another. On the whole, this iOS app scores well on all aspects. Developed by Jie Shao, it needs iOS 5.0 or later. It has been optimized for the iPhone 5. It occupies 217 MB on your device, which is quite high for any game. To sum it up, if you like games with a good storyline or enjoy fighter games, then Kung Fu Master- The 18 Brozen Man will sure suit your taste.

Good: Excellent portrayal of the legendary story through comics

Bad: Occupies a lot of memory space

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