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Today, we have a new software application in our court of apps that totally justifies the need of people to borrow money or take loans at low interest rates in Sweden. Yes, Lendify is that tool which is used by a number of people nowadays in Sweden to borrow money from the lenders. It connects investors and borrowers to borrow money from each other. This software app is the largest marketplace for loans. You need to SignUp on the app and get started. You can read everything about the digital application and choose what you wish to. You can invest as well as borrow funds whenever you need in a few simple steps. If you fulfil all the criteria, your loan gets approved and you’ll be all set to follow your dreams!

So let’s begin introducing the app! Lendify create better terms for borrowers and better returns for investors. As other financial institutions include intermediaries, but Lendidy makes it possible to cut unnecessary intermediaries and create a more efficient and transparent loan market. Moreover, it has removed, the banks from the equation to get a smarter economy together.

Primarily Lendify offers a stable return for investors. The return depends on the borrowers’ credit ratings and the maturity of the loans. It is calculated as the average of all the investors’ return (after fees) divided by their total lending at the end of the current month. Lendify allows you to use the bank’s business model to lend your capital into a basket of loans to creditworthy borrowers and earn between 4-6 % return per year.

Moreover, this marketplace offers private loans which sometimes called as blank loans with a competitive interest rate and a simple application with direct answers. It’s different from the normal banks as it is not deducted from high costs and old IT systems. The process of applying for loans is totally digital, which is fast, flexible and of course smarter! In addition to this, the most important benefit of using Lendify is that it rewards its customers under the Loyalty program that says that all the borrowers can lower the interest rates if they want to. It’s their choice of choosing the rate at which they want to cancel.

On the whole, I would say that Lendify platform is simple to use and it has lent more than one billion kronor since it was first launched in the market. So, if you’re a citizen of Sweden and are facing high interest rates of loans, then try using Lendify and don’t ever face such a problem in future!
So become a Lendify customer, challenge the banks and create a more efficient and transparent loan market!

Pros: gives a smarter private loan; stable return for investors; cuts the middlemen and banks; largest marketplace for loans; peer to peer lending platform; fast, flexible, safe to use. 

Cons: can be used only by people living in Sweden

Worth Trying App – Try Lendify Today

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