Look & Find: Fun Activities – Fun and education for your youngest!

by | Sep 5, 2016 | Android Apps | 0 comments

As soon as you get to the intro screen you can see that this will be a fun colorful game with a lot of animals portrayed in a cartoon-like style. It feels as perfect for children from  2-6 years old. The intro screen shows three different sceneries which you can choose from; the countryside, the beach and the zoo.

The Countryside depicts a typical day in the beautiful countryside with fun domestic animals, children and people working in the background. There is a little pig, a donkey and a squirrel.

The Beach level portrays different animals on a on a tropical island and a blue ocean in the background. An octopus, a crab, a dolphin and a seashell are all part of this cheery company and everything is followed by a really nice music in the background.

A more detailed look reveals that this game will be of discovery, as each scenery on the intro screen contains small framed pictures with animals and other items. It is important to say that all the items on both the Beach and the Countryside levels are locked – you can only play the Zoo level for free unless you make an in-app purchase and pay for the game to unlock additional levels.

The intro screen also comes with a gear symbol in the upper left corner of the screen. A tap on the gear reveals that this is a “Grown-Ups Area Only” and you must correctly add two numbers to get in. This is the settings area, where you can pick the language used in the game, turn the audio on/off and decide whether you want the objects’ name to be displayed under the symbols or not.


If we go back to the intro screen and look at the Zoo level options more closely, we can see that you click on the tiger, a hippo , a little boy with a bird and a fish. To start playing simply click on one of them. For example, if we start the game by clicking on the fish, the game will take us to the aquarium park. As soon as we enter we can see that the screen is split in two. On the right side you have the image of the aquarium with all the animals and sea life and on the left side we have the ‘inventory/task’ area.

The goal of the game is to look on the items on the left side of the screen and try to find them on the right side (aquarium in this case). Once you successfully discover the item on the right side, all you have to do is to tap on it and it will start to blink and disappear from your collection of undiscovered items on the left. The first level has only five or six items. So, when you’re done with discovering all of them, you will be greeted by fireworks and a ‘Congratulations!’ or “Fantastic!” sign.
Once you discover all the items in a particular “session”, you will be led back to the intro screen where you can choose to discover items in other areas of the Zoo (There are four areas of the Zoo highlighted by different animals and a little boy).


• a really nice carton-like design which makes you want to be a child again

• simple quests that are excellent for small children

• really nice background music which makes you feel like you are physically in the game

• simple menus and interface

• encourages children to learn about different animals

• improves your child’s discovery skills


• the quests may be a bit too easy for older kids

• the game is somewhat short

Look & Find: Fun Activities is a fun game with a nice music which could also help children to learn the names of different animals and improve their discovery skills. It can be incredibly fun and even educational if played by smaller children. A perfect game for your child’s Sunday afternoon!

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