Lotti Dotti- Unlimited fun collecting dots

by | May 18, 2016 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Are you bored of the traditional games like connecting dots and puzzles? Are you looking for something fun and exciting that will keep you hooked for hours on end? Are you looking for a game that is simple in gameplay yet challenging in terms of the concept? If yes, iOS app developer RozanaKabashi has developed the perfect game for you. Try out the app Lotti Dotti for free today and lose yourself in it in no time at all.


Lotti Dotti adds a twist to the traditional dots games. Instead of connecting dots, you will be collecting them in this one. There are a number of different kinds of dots, each one having special properties and powers. Different types of dots fall from the top of the screen and you have to collect them in your collector. As and when you collect more dots, the size of your collector increases, helping you do better. You have a fixed number of lives. Once you lose them all, your game is over. The gameplay is quite simple but the many kinds of dots make it complex and challenging.


Each type of dot has a unique property in this game. You must collect the green dots to increase the size of your collector. On the other hand, collecting red dots will reduce the size of your collector. Beware and watch out for the danger that these behold for you. Every time you collect a red dot, you lose a life. Each blue dot you collect will increase the number of lives you have by one. Once you lose all your lives, the game ends.

In addition to these major ones, there are dots with patterns too that have unique functions. The Divided Dot has two colors and takes on the property of the side on which it falls. The Slow Mo Dot, as the name suggests, slows down the game for a short time. The Joker Revealer Dot will randomly become a red or green dot. The Path Dot will change the path of your collector. The Collector Repair Dot will add an extra life. The Freestyle Dot has four colors, the function of each of which is expressed when collected. The De-stunner Dot will pause the game for some time so that you can adjust the position of the collector. The Red bomber Dot will remove all the bad dots from your screen for some time so that you can focus on collecting the useful ones. If you are stuck at any point of time in the game, you can help yourself by visiting the in-app store. The in-app purchases begin from $1.99 and have a number of pack with different kinds of dots to help you out.


All said and done, this game can get more addicting than you can imagine. The simple gameplay, coupled with the challenging concept and easy to use interface, make this a game that you can use to kill leisure time anytime and anywhere. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and is compatible with devices having iOS 6.1 or higher versions.

Good: Different kinds of dots to collect

Bad: None

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