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by | Mar 13, 2017 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Maid and Slime -It is a lovely little game in which you play as a maid and destroy creatures that a possessed by an evil slime. It is an easy game of old school design. Developed and designed by Korean Company “Kaiman Games”, Maid and Slime turns out to be a parody of Dragon Quest in which one single slime has managed to find all the power which allows slimes everywhere in the world an ability to control every monster which leads to the rising of a very upset viral slime.


The game is similar to most of the whack-a- mole genre games which you have always played since childhood.- Eliminate all the slimes that comes out of the 16 holes on the screen.- There are Purple Slime which explodes on one single tap, Green Slime which explodes on double tap and the there are Red Slime which you are not supposed to tap.- Here the game is separated into 3 different parts.- Unlock various achievements to get rewards.


3 different modes of play :Mode A – Mode A is like usual whack-a-mole where you tap a slime to collect 6 of them to attack but if you tapped on the red slime then it will add up to the enemy’s army. If the enemy gets over 6 then the enemy will get a chance to attack.Mode B – Mode B is very much similar to Mode A except there is a time limit where you have to gather all the 6 slimes before the time runs out. The time constraint makes the game more difficult to play and that is why it is my least favourite.Mode C – In Mode C, you have to remove all the slimes that are shown over your maid. If you are successful then your maid will get a chance to attack otherwise the enemy will attack.- Over 20 types of enemies to fight with.

Over 100 levels to play and enjoy.- Various useful items to collect that will help you in your quest.- You can invite your friends and share the game to get various rewards when they join.- It takes whack-a-mole games to a next level.
Overall – Maid and Slime is a cute little game which is very easy to understand and is also free to download so there is no lose in trying out this game.However, the game has a very old school design which is likeable but still there is always a room for some more improvements.If you are looking for a casual amine inspired tapping arcade game, look no further.

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