Make Free and High Quality International Calls Efficiently With iEvaphone

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What about enjoying international calls for absolutely free? This sounds quite interesting! It is a unique opportunity that presents itself to help facilitate communication in the most effective and efficient manner. At first, there is maximum satisfaction guaranteed from the contact with the recipient whose geographical location is quite far. The next thing is the cost-saving effect where such a user will be spending absolutely nothing besides getting a high quality communication link.

Apparently, there is good news that will bring great amusement to all phone call users both for mobile and landline numbers. This is after the introduction of the incredible iEvaphone app, a communication platform that efficiently enhance top-notch phone call calls both locally and abroad at no cost at all. It is all about getting this incredible app and getting into the mood of making calls! It is time to chat with family members, friends, business partners and other related people using iEvaphone.


Understanding iEvaphone app

In relation to the exterior outlook, the user will discover that iEvaphone app contains a classic and captivating design. From the high quality themes to the great combination of color schemes applied, this gives iEvaphone app a captivating appearance that makes it unique.

Meanwhile, this amazing app from Call2friends developers has always stayed up to date to ensure that the user gets the best of it; this is mostly in relation to its performance, upgrades and user-friendly features. Presently, it has upgraded to version 3.3.0 after some improvements were made on 30th May, 2016.

When it comes to customers’ opinions, a huge number is completely satisfied with the enhanced free calls supported. This has been reflected on by the positive ratings given with an overall rating of 4.3 according to the Google Play platform.


Devices suitable for iEvaphone app

It is notable that iEvaphone app operates well only in a platform that perfectly supports its calling function in the best way possible. Presently, it operates on Android phones with version 3.0 or any new version that can be adopted. Such compatible devices are meant to ensure that performance is consistent and of unquestionable quality.

Functionality of iEvaphone app

Actually there are few steps that the user needs to undertake in order to get started with iEvaphone app. First, it is all about installing the app to the compatible device. Surprisingly, this comes with a quick earning of free 10 credits to start off with on the first call!

How about making a phone call?

When it comes to making a call, the first requirement the user needs to achieve is getting connected to a highly-efficient Wi-Fi or an internet source (precisely 4G or 3G option). This is meant to provide quick link with recipient and enhance quality communication. Secondly, dial the number of the recipient on the screen in the right format and immediately start chatting with the recipient. It just as simple as such!


Features experienced? Here are some of them:

Install and earn instant free credit

This is an amazing feature that any user who downloads and installs this app gets to enjoy. Apparently, there are 10 credits for free that one is rewarded with once the installation process is completed. Such credit is a great boost to making that first call with iEvaphone app.

No need to buy credits for calls

Once the user has started using this great app, there are great offers presented which come handy with free credits to facilitate making of free calls. For example, the user will be prompted to watch different videos or fully install typical applications and gain earnings from such actions!

Configure perfectly different callers

This operation is aided by the Caller Id which tends to keep clear records of all the calls one has made. This can highly help in keeping records of such individuals for future reference. Besides, Caller Id makes it much easier to understand the person making the call.

Calls are totally free

This is a clear noticeable feature evident in iEvaphone. Actually, no extra charges are placed when making a call. All that the user needs to get in connected with is internet platform or Wi-Fi. This has made it one of the cheapest communication apps ever!

Check easily the cost incurred

Unlike other communication apps, iEvaphone has adopted a unique feature that facilitates easy understanding of the total credit incurred within a stipulated time period. Why is this important? This is because the user can devise a way on how to efficiently use the credit gained to get the best out of it.

When it comes to the Pros and Cons, the following is noted in iEvaphone:


· Efficient use of credit using time-cost approach

· Seamless flow of high quality communication

· Great design, quality output

· Time saving and high convenient means of chatting

· Low or no cost incurred at all


· Not practicable in low network region

· Inconsistencies sometimes experienced can disrupt communication


The developers of iEvaphone have done a commendable task in developing such a top-rated app. This incredible app has provided a great boost in communication industry by highly reducing the burden of overly expensive costs. Its classic nature, great output and high quality formation makes it an app worth downloading. Make a point of getting it today at Google Play for absolutely free. It is time to start making that long-awaited call abroad!

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