Mandarin Madness – Easy Way to Learn Chinese

by | Feb 25, 2012 | Android Apps | 1 comment

If you want to learn Chinese language, but did not learn because it is too difficult then you might want to reconsider. Chinese may be one of the most difficult and complex languages developed by humans so learning it with the help of some guide books can be a tedious job. The first question that arises is why would you want to learn Chinese? Well, it depends; learning new language comes with bundle of new benefits. It can either be used to interact with the local body that lives around you or it can be used to perform business dealings etc. As said earlier learning Chinese can be a pain in the back but it is no more with the help of Mandarin Madness. Mandarin Madness is an app that lets you learn the Chinese language in a simple but effective way. With the use of simple game you will soon find yourself learning Chinese easily.

Mandarin is a very different language and does not share anything with any other language out there so learning it can be a tough job. Mandarin Madness uses the simple and basic way to teach this language that most of us merely seem to realize. Think of a little child learning a language by observation and recalling things and that is exactly what this app does. This is really an influential approach that makes learning interactive but difficult simultaneously.

The plot of the game is simple yet challenging. The app looks really colorful and bright with soft delightful music that both the adults and kids will find appealing. In the beginning you commence by selecting a category of words, for instance vegetable and fruits, animals or numbers. Afterwards you will be engaged in learning the words closely related to the category followed by selecting a level and stage to start the game. The game goes around two basic steps, the words first fall from the top which are then pronounced by a sweet voice and you have to choose from one option the right answer.

As you go further in the game the levels become more challenging and you are faced with more options to choose from with the words falling faster giving you little time to think and as you miss the words your life decreases by one heart, displayed on the head. Progressing further leads to more difficult levels where you are given a hint which is either visual description of word or pronunciation and as you play along you will be faced with blend of all these difficulties. So basically there will be stages where you will need to guess the word by hearing its pronunciation or choose from correct answer from the given options.

Selecting the wrong answer is no problem and you can reselect the right answer but this should be done before the word vanishes away from the screen because that will cause you to lose a life (heart). Your score is calculated based on number of correct answers given. You can choose from 11 categories including animals/creatures, numbers, vegetables, apparels, office related, stationary, colors, household, fruits and few others. Mandarin Madness is not a way to master the Mandarin language but it is certainly a decent way to start the basics of the language on your Android.

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