MeisterTask- Mastering task management

by | Jul 4, 2015 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

While there are so many apps that help in project management and task management today, none of them can take ideas and turn them into reality. The need of the hour is a visual task management tool that will not only help teams manage projects but also bring their ideas to life. This is where the iOS app MeisterTask comes into the picture. This task management tool helps collate information and manage tasks, while bringing ideas to life.


The iOS app that has been released recently complements the web version excellently. Just like the web version, it scores highly on user interface design, intuitiveness and task management tools. All said and done, using it is an enjoyable experience that helps youget things done effectively. Everything that can be done with the web version can now be done on your iOS device using the app. The app adds a portability and availability element to the task management.


MeisterTask helps employees organize as well as manage their tasks in a customizable smart environment. The seamless workflow helps give rise to immense creativity and increased productivity. It collaborates with the already existing visualization software MindMeister, allowing users to add visual project plans and ideas to the app directly. The mind maps from MindMeister can now be directly turned into agile projects using this app. The agile and visual experience of this app indeed truly sets it apart from all other tools in its niche.

There are three main parts to the app- the Kanban styled project boards, the dashboard and the task dialogs. Each serves a unique purpose and serves it well. The project boards ensure that all employees are following the progress of the project and know its current status by allowing unlimited collaboration through sharing. The dashboard gives a personal touch to the app. It is unique to each user and can be customised to suit their individual needs. The task dialogs help everyone stay updated by providing them with comments, due dates and more.


Another unique feature of this app is its integration with the Apple Watch. Using the Apple Watch, you can create tasks, assign them or even complete them right from your wrist. There is support for voice input and predefined messages too for instant replies. This gives you easy control over all your tasks through a few quick taps on your wrist without having to take out your iOS device. You can even save your projects online on GitHub, Dropbox, Zen Desk or Google Drive. This, combined with integration with MindMeister, makes the tool very powerful and extremely useful.

The app is available in the App store for the iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. It requires iOS 8.0 or later and 21.7 MB of memory space on your device. As it is a newly released tool, there are two pricing plans0 Basic and Plus. The Basic plan is free and allows two integrations, free apps for the iPhone and iPad and also unlimited number of team members. The Plus plan starts with $7.50 per month per user. It allows an array of features such as section actions, statistics, premium support, unlimited integrations, reports and more.

Good: Integration with many tools

Bad: None

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