Milwus Location Alarm : The Perfect Memory Partner

by | Apr 5, 2013 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Are you afraid of missing your destination during travel? Or have you ever missed your stop on public transport just because you were enjoying music or reading books? Let Milwus location alarm App help you! This application is not just designed for frequent forgetters but is a wonderful reminder for its users arriving or leaving a location that works by simply setting an alarm.

Milwus location alarm comes completely free with a feature-rich alarm that notifies the user when they reach the nearby region of a chosen location. The user has got options to set up the radius of the location from which the alarm will be triggered. All they need to do is simply tap the location on the map and set the radius of the distance from the region they want to cover.

Features and Benefits

Milwus location alarm comes with an intuitive and comfortable interface with many unique features as described below:

Flexible address search: With just a simple tap the application will let the user quickly search for an address from a huge database.

Book mark location reminders on a map: The recent development in technology has made complex tasks easier. Now, the maps not just let the user to set reminders for the location but also mark them for fast future access.

Manage the location radius reminder: Add reminders based on the location and manage them with equal ease. Now you will never leave any location without adding a reminder. The application will lead to the selected region by choosing the radius on the map which will in turn trigger the alarm.

Manage other setting: The user can choose to send an email of location or SMS of location and even send location reminder to twitter. The App offers a wide variety of alarm tones to choose from.  Unlike other Apps which usually come with a default map display, the Milwus location alarm allows user to select from standard, hybrid, and satellite map displays. The user can view all the location reminders at a glance and even select the unit of measurement in miles, meters or kilometres.

Some of the other distinctive features of this location alarm App include:

  • Lets user set a notification of their preferred restaurants, nightclubs, bars and more when they are within the radius of the location reminder.
  • Helps user set a reminder so that they don’t miss their stop on the bus or train route.
  • Lets user set an alarm when they want to purchase something very important when near the location.

Allows user set a reminder to bring things from works and those they don’t want to.


The Milwus location alarm is an intuitive user friendly application that never lets its user forget things. The alarm keeps reminding its user on what they need to do when on a location.

Good: Great value for money, simple to use and a perfect reminder.

Bad: Too many features can confuse the users unless they get used to.

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