Mobile Monitor : Trace Your Child’s Activities Without Leaving Clue

by | Dec 27, 2012 | Android Apps, iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

The truth cannot be swallowed but it is very true that the young generation is more prone to and indulged in bad and illegal activities like smoking, drug addiction, etc. Bunking classes for movies and games is something like an unbreakable part of our life. While you think that your kid is working hard in his school, he’s busy playing harder in the clubs. This is the matter with most of the parents but they too are helpless as they have their own jobs to fulfill and can’t just trace their pupils all the way around their regular activities. But the results are disastrous and can’t be tolerated at all. So, we must do something for that. While you are busy looking for that right solution, a perfect solution is available right on your door. Just open the door and welcome it with relief.

Here we have a new app called Mobile Monitor that’s not a web app rather a mobile app cum service. It is not available either in the Android Market or Apple Store but available for both and can be downloaded from It is compatible with most currently running devices and therefore most of the users can take its benefits.

What the app offers is remote tracking of the Smartphone device. There is some few simple installation steps after which you may track your son/employee while sitting at your office chair. After installing the app, enter your email id twice. Then, your login information will be sent to you at this email id. Use these login details at and this will serve as your “private area” where the entire device will be sent and stored.

The app tracks almost anything your son can access in his phone. You can read his messages, duration of phone calls, web browsing history, images, videos and everything else that you think can be accessed via a Smartphone. The app also tracks the device with real time GPS location. You can even see all the routes he has taken during the day. You can use the  app in different ways such as to monitor any employee to see what they do during their working hours and enjoy proper control over them.

One of the best facts about the app is that it is unrecognizable. After installation, the app is no more available on the phone so that if you secretly install it on your son’s phone, he will never know it that it’s there. Also, the private area meant for your use is very neatly designed. You have full access to all the items and any new activities are listed as notifications. All the data is extracted to your private area in encrypted form and only you have access to it.

There are free as well as premium plans available for the service. While the free plan is available for just 24 hours, it’s sufficient to confront you with the usability of the app. The premium plans are available from $19.90/month to as low as $9.90/month for a 12 month subscription. The pricing is same for both Android and Apple devices.

We will say that the app is very much needed to every parent; even if you consider yourself to be lucky enough to have good children. You never know what’s hiding behind that cute little face. So, we will strongly recommend this app to everyone.

Download for ios  |  Download for Android

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