Momentum – Efficient Goal Management Web App

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Momentum – Efficient Goal Management Web App

It is no doubt that to efficiently achieve a goal, there needs to be a proper well managed schedule to be followed. Punctuality is a must and that too with the right attitude. When we talk about big companies, all these basics are the formulations for their success. It is the role of the company management to carry out all the work done correctly at the right time. But going by the human nature, it is obvious to have some slacks which are not acceptable at such a level. So, it is better to switch to a technical plan that is more reliable and accurate and show you in the right direction.

The app we have in the box for today is Momentum, a project and goal management web app. It serves a no. of purposes which are quite useful in helping an organization utilize its resources in a better way. Being an online service, it can be operated from anywhere in the world. Also, doesn’t require any software installation. Just login to your account and you are there.

Now, as you login for the first time, you can start creating new projects. For adding a new project, just click ‘New’ on the top and select project. In the project, you can add the name, description and due date. But a project is large enough to be broken down in a no. of goals to be achieved one by one to maintain the right direction. You can add goals and other necessary details such as the due date for finish, description, your tips and advice, etc. Then, you can set a no. of tasks to be completed to accomplish each goal. This way, it’s well sorted out in an orderly manner to maximize the growth rate.

Projects are most often a team work and Momentum knows it. You can add team members to your account and then assign them different goals to distribute the work more uniformly. In this way, every team member knows what to do, when to do and how to do it. Also, you can update the progress of a goal and close the completed tasks.

Most of the times, we have a complex interface in these kinds of apps and it becomes difficult to get used to them. Thanks, this time it’s well thought out! Also, adding and deleting tasks, goals or a project is very easy. You can check out your recent activity as well to keep track of what progress you are doing.

The app features a free trial for 45 days. After that, you’ll have to subscribe to one of their coordinator, manager or executive plan at $29, $49 or $79 per month respectively. While no. of team members/employee is just 5 for the coordinator plan, it goes to 20 for the executive one, which also supports email and telephone. There is a special offer of $299/year for executive plan as well. The pricing is little towards the higher side and mainly suitable to small scale companies only due to limited members per employee.

The app is limited to scheduling not getting into resource management. So, it is more likely a to-do application, a paid one.

Web Application Link :   Momentum Web App

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