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In most scenarios, it becomes quite challenging for an individual to wake up on time if the alarm has not been set. This could actually result to inconveniences as one will be caught up in a hasty situation trying not to get late. Now, there is no need to worry! With the amazing My Alarm Clock app, the night sleeps would be awesome and a wakeup tune in the morning from the alarm will always be on time. This amazing product designed by Apalon Apps is unique of its kind and the fantastic features integrated within it will absolutely give the user the best. Besides, it contains the current information on weather of different geographic locations thus keeping the user updated with the current situation of the surrounding.


How My Alarm Clock app works

This amazing app which works effectively on the mobile device is pretty simple to understand. The interesting thing that one will discover from this app is its intuitive and user-friendly nature. It actually integrates favorite tunes which can be used to lull the user at night in order to induce some sleep. Besides, it plays relaxing tunes which can come from the favorite tracks of the user. This can always make the day start in good mood!

Compatible Devices for My Alarm Clock app

Since this great app was recently updated on 1st August, 2016, it has continued to display exceptional performance that has left the users completely satisfied. In order to consistently meet the expectation of its users, My Alarm Clock app requires to function on high quality devices that can boost its output. Thus, for now it is recommendable for Android devices version 4.0.3 and any latest available.


Check below on the exceptional features that have been displayed by the My Alarm Clock app:

Amazing sleep timer

Getting a calm and typically soothing song that sends one to a relaxing sleep can be really amazing. This amazing feature in the My Alarm Clock app brings out soothing tunes or even white noise meant to stimulate sleep.

Unlimited support from the alarm

The alarm that has been integrated in this app is absolutely efficient and will always ring at the time in which it was set. Whether the user has an important meeting to attend or planning for an early travel, this app will not disappoint at all! Actually, the music will keep on singing until the moment it is snoozed or stopped by the user.

Activate Nightstand mode

When this app has been activated into nightstand mode, it can still act as a bedside clock which comes with two well-designed clock faces. Interestingly, it contains amazing and colorful themes that makes it appear quite attractive. Besides, there are beautiful clock widgets contained in this app where one can easily check on time from the home screen.

Alarm can ring on background

Sometimes the app might not be running on the screen and one might wonder whether the alarm will respond to the set time. With the presence of background alarm support, the alarm that was set will still ring at the right time without any problem.


Accurate weather information provided

When it comes to getting the information with regard to weather, this app will first seek location permission from the user in order to provide accurate information in relation to the area. The app then goes ahead to provide live local conditions of the weather and temperature.

Two modes of display

Apparently, the user will discover that this My Alarm Clock app works in two different orientations; this include either in portrait or in landscape mode. Besides, the user can create a shortcut on the screen which can make the app to be easily accessed.

Powerful flashlight; no worry in darkness

There is no need to look for a torch when one is trapped in the darkness. With the presence of in-built flashlight in the My Alarm Clock app, the user will be able to easily get the needed light. Besides, this app has integrated the brightness slider where one can easily adjust the light emanating from the phone’s screen.

New Features? 

In order to consistently boost its overall performance, the app has added up new features such as new ultrasonic design and multi-level digital frame.

Here are the Pros and Cons that are found in this great My Alarm Clock app:


· The performance is super awesome and efficient

· Amazing ultrasonic design

· Allows customized tunes to be integrated

· Absolutely accurate when it comes to waking one up

· Flashlight integrated really effective at night


· Ineffective when not constantly updated

· Affected by technical glitch at times

Final Verdict

In summary, My Alarm Clock app is a must-have app for any individual who want to keep in check the time for waking up with much ease. The high features integrated within the app a clear indication of how efficient it is. With a completely stunning balance in relation to the classical design, functionality and overall experience gained from the app, the user will get the best out of it. It is time to get this amazing app for free at Google Play and no more oversleeping!

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