MyPostCard App – A New Method For An Old Tradition

by | Apr 22, 2017 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

If you are a frequent traveler, you must be familiar with the postcard selection found in tourist gift shops. Although there’s usually a good variety of scenic pictures to choose from, they often tend to be generic and may not fully capture the memory you’re trying to represent. Of course, you can take pictures with your phone and send them to your friends and family. But that also doesn’t always capture that special feeling that a postcard can convey.

The MyPostCard app creates an updated medium for an old concept. Before the advent of smartphones, the postcard process would be to spend about $3 on a card, then about 50 cents for the postage, then sending it out through the mail. The cost of postage will vary, depending on the origin and destination countries. The MyPostCard app eliminates this antiquated process of sending information.

The MyPostCard app, available in the Google Play store as well as the IOS store, is free to download. After your download, you’ll go to a page that has options to send a greeting card, send a postcard, select themes, and create photo prints. First, you pick the style you prefer for your card. Styles include both multi-layout and single picture options. Next, you pick a picture by selecting one from your photo album or taking a picture within the app. You can edit the image by adding patterns, numbers, text and other elements to fully customize the card to your liking. Many of the templates are free, but there are others that can be purchased.

After you’ve finished the customization process you can add your message and the address. A nice touch of this app is that you can select addresses from your contact list. When that’s done, you’ll see a virtual preview of your postcard. After your approval, the order is completed, you can pay for the postage via credit card or PayPal. After tapping a few buttons on your smartphone, you’ve sent a fully customized postcard to your friends or family.
The MyPostCard app is incredibly easy to use. Your guided every step of the way in the creation of your postcard. Also, it comes with many options to select. At first, you’ll be signed in as a guest user, but there’s an option to register an account in the left-hand menu. This is good if you want to want to store your information for future orders.

The only negative is the payment system. You cannot buy a card on a card-by-card basis. Instead, you need to purchase credits based on a minimum of a five-card order. This creates a minimum of about 11 dollars, even if you only want to send out one card. As a result, unless you plan of sending out many greeting cards, this app loses a significant amount of its value.

When contrasted to other apps, this one is very user-friendly. Navigation throughout the app is straightforward and slick. Despite the lackluster payment system, this is an effective and creative way to send out postcards.

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