NC Twitter Widget- iPhone App Review

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NC Twitter Widget refers to a widget app in iPhones that can be used to show your twitter updates in the notification center, such that you do not need to go through all the hassle of closing your apps so that you can check your twitter feed. You can have the option of retweeting, favorite, or even open twitter in a default app just through the widget. You can also be able to choose the number of tweets that you want at the notification center.


Product Specifications

NC Twitter widget comes with various specifications or features that enable it to be effective for its task such as;

Ability to add twitter directly to notification center: Using this app, you can be able to add the twitter app directly in the notifications panel, such that you can see your twitter updates directly without going to the app.

Functionality that enables you to see recent news, quotes, mentions, among other things in twitter, without the need to unlock your device or quitting any kind of app that you may be using.

Tap to tweet functionality: Using this feature, you simply need to tap on the top of the screen where you can be able to tweet.


How it Works/ Product Description

NC Twitter comes with an easy to use functionality in the iPhone smartphones, where you simply need to install and allow the app to access your twitter, so that it can automatically show the tweets on your Notification Center panel. It can easily be downloaded from iTunes. If you want to view the latest or most recent tweets, you can simply view them by tapping on the notifications tab. The widget will be able to automatically refresh the tweets when you pull the notification down.



  • – Using NC Twitter Widget, you can be able to view all your tweets at a single touch in the notifications panel.
  • – You can easily be able to favorite a tweet, retweet, create a tweet or even open the tweet separately in an official twitter app, just from the Notifications Center panel.


  • – This app is limited only to iPhone users with an iOS of 8.0 and above.
  • – It is not really that free as it comes at a cost of $6.99.
  • – It is able to display only a total of 5 tweets at ago for the most recent updates.


NC twitter widget is basically one of the best of its kind, due to the many unique features it possesses, such as the ability to view latest tweets by just tapping on the Notification Center, or sliding down and tapping on the widget. You can also be able to easily favorite, retweet and even create new tweets through the app. This app is also seen as unique through the ability to open and launch twitter, to view your tweets without having to interrupt the current app that may be running. Give it a try today, and you will simply love it.

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