NearMinder: The best reminders and discovery app

by | Mar 21, 2016 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Have you had those irritating times when you have been waiting to redeem a rewards coupon for a while but forget to take it along when you go to the store? Have you had times when you wish to hang out with friends or try something new around you but do not know of the events happening? If you answered yes for either or both questions, you need the iOS app NearMinder. Developed by BIG Little Apps, this app will ensure that you never miss out on anything again.


NearMinder can be downloaded from the App Store for free. It is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch and requires iOS 8.3 or later versions. Once you download the app, you will be required to allow it access to your device’s location and notifications. You have to answer ‘OK’ when prompted that ‘NearMinder Would Like to Send You Notifications’ and answer ‘Allow’ when prompted to ‘Allow NearMinder to access your location even when you are not using the app?’. With this, the app will be able to send you notifications in real-time as per your requests.


NearMinder will help you find things to see and do, events to attend and places to visit. If you want to try out something new with your friends or colleagues, you can count on this app to give you the best. It notifies you about concerts, games, art exhibitions and much more. It works with third party sources to ensure that the information provided to you is always the latest and up to date. There is a tab for exploring places in your vicinity with an integration with Wikipedia to give you the most reliable information.

If an event interests you, all you have to do is tap on its name and the app will provide you with all the necessary details and links for booking tickets. It also has a map widget that will give you directions to a place from your current location. NearMinder also integrates with the Meetup app to allow you to view nearby meetups and find people who might be interested in attending events with you.


NearMinder provides you with contextual reminders. Most reminder apps send reminders when we are busy with something else, defeating the purpose of the reminder altogether. NearMinder handles this well by sending you custom alerts based on your location. All you have to do is pick a list or category of alerts that you would like to be notified about. To make things simpler for you, the alerts are forwarded to the Apple Watch as well. This provides you the flexibility you need on the go.

The prime disadvantage of this app is that continuous usage of GPS in the background by this app can decrease your battery life greatly. While this cannot be avoided, the loss is minimised by automatically throttling the GPS and setting intervals between the updates. Besdies this minor downside, the app interface and working are fabulous. The developers have done a good job with the app design. This is a truly handy app that you must try out.

Good: Integrates with Meetup and Wikipedia, map widget

Bad: Drains out your battery

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