New Mobile Puzzle Game – Hexologic – is all the rage

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Android Apps, iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

A new mobile puzzle, Sudoku-like puzzle game from Mythic Owl, is all the rage these days!

Hexologic has received great online coverage and has lots of people talking about it. More importantly, the game was named Game of the Day on the online app store just last week in 145 countries!

This game, available on iOS, Android, Steam as well as the Nintendo Switch, combines hexagons and sudoku-like puzzles into a mobile puzzle game that all ages will enjoy. The levels get tougher and more intense, while the games graphics are always sharp and inviting. If a game can be easy but challenging at the same time, Hexologic accomplishes just that.

The gameplay is straightforward and fun but challenging at the same time. And for the low price it is available for, this mobile puzzle game is definitely a steal.

Hexologic has 60 levels (as well as 15 hidden levels) for you to defeat through 4 completely different worlds. Its gameplay is based on hexagonal grids and the mission is simple (but success comes harder). Like Sudoku, you combine the numbers to solve the grids – but as the levels pass you by, the next one gets tougher and more challenging.

The many levels will give you hours of relaxing entertainment, and is the perfect combination of fun and challenging. Right off the bat, Hexologic is easy to learn and they make it easy to navigate so you can instantly dive into gameplay.

For iOS and Android users, Hexologic is only $0.99. On Steam, it can be purchased for just $2.99. Download it for free on the Nintendo Switch!

For Steam users looking to get more out of their gaming experience, they are in luck with Hexologic. MythicOwl just implemented a Steam Workshop support where players can now create, share & play new levels of their own design, vote on each other’s work and more!

To learn more about this great puzzle game by MythicOwl, visit their website. We know you will not regret stepping into this amazing world of hexagon puzzles!

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