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Sometimes you’re afraid of finding your weaknesses through others and don’t even realise your strength also. But if you are familiar with your strengths and weaknesses, then you’ll get confidence! At Least, you can communicate with other people without any hesitation and they can also help you if you’re lacking somewhere. If they know your traits, then they’ll understand you and communicate with you the way you like! This type of culture should be followed everywhere, whether it’s office, home, school, college or any other place. It can be possible with the help of NocNock, a personality profiling tool that focuses on helping teams, families and friends communicate more effectively with each other.

The app has been developed by Sheppard Partners. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and it requires iOS 8.0 or any later version of the Operating System.

NocNock is the best tool which helps you to communicate better with the most important people in your life. If you’re working in a team and a decision is to be made regarding something, then everyone will express their viewpoint which differs from each other. It sometimes creates conflicts with each other. But, with the help of NocNock, you can resolve the matter easily.

Now, let me introduce to you about the working of NocNock app! You can either Register or Login through Facebook or Linkedin or fill a survey to use the app. The app displays a drop down Menu which includes: Primary, Adapted and Modified Profile, Connections, Reports, Account Settings, FAQ and Help Features.

When you click on Primary Profile, there will be two sections- Profile Visual and My Report. Profile Visual will provide you with a graphical view which represents your trait characteristics with the Highest and Lowest numbers. While, the report gives you the trait characteristics overview, your motivators, and other insightful information. Using the insights gained from your primary profile, you’ll be able to develop deep understanding of the best ways to communicate with someone in your life.

Connections lets you to connect with other people and other people can connect with you. You can view connections, compare with others, and know how to communicate with that person more effectively. It helps you to build strong and caring relationships.

This app gives you a greater understanding of yourself and how to interact with any individual in the way he or she want to be communicated with. It will lead to a more effective communication and thus increases collaboration, which is the reason behind a successful organization!

The Adapted profile shows how you are adapting your trait characteristics to a specific environment such as Home, Office, etc. You can turn on/off notifications and sounds in the account settings. If you still need some help then, tips and instructions are also provided in the help section. You can also delete a connection in the future if you don’t want to share your profile! NocNock lets you to send yourself a detailed profile report of your traits if you want to!

So, NocNock helps you to communicate better with your colleagues, friends, families, customers, students, and the most important people in your life. In this way you can discover, more about yourself and others also!

The app is available for free on the iTunes Store. Download it now!

Pros: easy to use; easy to understand; mobile; help you communicate better; create unlimited profiles and connections; build caring relationships; free.

Cons: none

Worth Having App – Download the App

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