ONDiGO – The Super Contact Manager

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If you want to stay connected with all your contacts on the go and looking for a simple mobile CRM, ONDiGO can be an exciting option. Consolidating your Customer database and keeping track of updates are a big challenge when you are out and about. ONDiGO helps you build a customer database automatically by corresponding with the way you actually work. You don’t have to take notes while you are on a call or worry about forgetting important details of the call. With ONDiGO, you can take notes in seconds and every time you receive a call, they will be displayed, putting you two steps ahead all the time. The app is compatible with all android devices and works with android 3.2 and up.



With the limitless and complicated list of contacts most of us have to deal with, separating the personal contacts from the professional and keeping track of updates and other information is a huge task. ONDiGO makes your life easier by doing just that and more. Some of the key features include:


  • A “must remember” note that you can write after each interaction. The note appears in real time for every call.
  • Color-coding helps you segment contacts by color. For instance, a contact marked red is sure to catch your attention first as you scroll through your call logs.
  • You can also prioritize your interactions using the contact status sorting option.
  • Magic notes that can be used to set tasks, schedule meetings and remember other important information.
  • The contact card will save all your calls, SMS and notes in one place and help you look up every detail under the contact itself.
  • ONDiGO will save every contact and comments automatically on the Cloud and every single log of yours will be backed up.


With the current version 3.9.3, you also get the following added features.

  • You can upload and attach files from any local device.
  • You can also create and attach invoices to your contacts.
  • The files and invoices can be opened from history card.
  • Any event occurrence like call, SMS, meeting or task will push the contact up in the list.


ONDiGO provides convenient options and simple benefits that come together in giving you an edge while dealing with customers.

  • You don’t have to reach out for that pen and paper after an important call to jot down the details, nor do you have to search for them to follow up. ONDiGO shows up important notes in real time, which will help you a great deal in handling customers.
  • Segregating personal contacts from business helps if you have an excessively long contact list and want to draw a line between the personal and professional.
  • ONDiGO also serves as an efficient Organizer whereby you can log meetings, tasks and events under the contact itself.


ONDiGO aims at enhancing your customer relationship management and provides an interface to consolidate your customer database efficiently. The most attractive part is that you can do all of this from your mobile and on the go. What’s more, you don’t pay for any of this!

Good: Impressive customer service, easy logging and free to try.

Bad: The layout can be less complicated.

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