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Checklists are a boon to mankind. They help us stay organized and keep everything together in a single place. They help us track progress and more. There are some of us who make checklists even for little things. This is only a sign of good organizational skills and meticulous nature. At present, we associate checklists with only individuals. However, they can be shared and also used for team work to work. If you do not believe us, you must try out the iOS app OneHive. you can also try it in android too.


OneHive is an app that takes checklists from an individual to a social level. It uses them for a task as complex as team management and yet manages to do so well. This is done with a few simple tweaks and features that empower the app. It allows you to create checklists for your entire team and keep track of them. The result is a simple app that does the job of complicated project management software.


The basic goal of OneHive is the same as that of project management software. It ensures that teams can collaborate, work effectively together, stay on the same page and communicate easily. The application allows you to create checklists for the entire team. All checklists concerning a project can be kept in a single place. You can assign items and sub-items on a list to people in your team. Additionally, if you think an item requires to be checked once, you can add reviewers too. These lists can be shared seamlessly across a variety of devices- breaking the barriers between your team.


The iOS app is available for free download in the App Store. It is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone and requires iOS 8.0 or higher. There is an Android app and a web app as well. This allows you to keep in touch from just anywhere and at any point of time. everything is implemented with a simple tool of checklists. You do not need to train your team to use any complex project management software- thanks to the simplicity and ease of use of OneHive.

Managing work on a daily basis with the help of this app is really simple and effective. Teams no longer have to struggle to stay in touch or have communication issues with each other. Everything is made transparent and crystal clear via the app. you can plan out your team timeline well and schedule tasks accordingly. The feature of assigning tasks to members helps you hold people accountable and responsible. Auditing the work done by the team becomes very simple and straightforward. The progress being made can be easily measured on a daily basis using this simple management tool.

OneHive is a true revolution in the way we use project management software. It is a simple and easy to use software that makes team collaboration very simple. If you wish to work on a team project and are looking for a simple project management tool, this is the ideal one for you.

Good: Assigning and reviewing work

Bad: None

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