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by | Jan 9, 2012 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 1 comment

If you are running out of options for various account passwords and you need to maintain safety within all of them, you need to download One Safe.  Your credit card data is also important and you shouldn’t keep that information lying around your house.  What you need to do to remember your information, pin numbers and various passwords is to store them somewhere safe.  One Safe gives you the option to figure out if you want it to delete everything if someone tries to get into your account.  Your information is safe and encrypted, and you can protect it with two different types of passwords.

One Safe is so reliable, that you can instantly check your iPod, iPad or iPhone whenever you forget your bank account number, pin numbers or any information.  The best thing about One Safe is that you can log into the application and log into websites with a single touch, once you’ve put your login information once for every account you own.  At first, it may seem a bit tedious to have to write everything down.  However, this prevents people beside you from figuring out your password every time you need to log in.

With all these features, One Safe definitely puts you in control with an organized environment full of passwords, log in information and other numbers.  Your application is divided by the type of information you need.  If you want all your credit card information in one place, you can easily check your “Wallet” section on One Safe.  Everything can either be stored in a “Bookshelf” or you can choose to set it up as a drop-down list.  Protecting your information is as easy as picking from three password input options: pattern, numbered or word.  The pattern password is the one you would see on most Android applications, where you have nine circles to draw a certain combination.

If you think the pattern password is too unsafe for you, you can easily pick the numbered password, where you have a list of numbers that you can use to log into your account.  If you can’t rely on more numbers apart from the ones you have already, you can choose the word input option, where you can type your word password along with numbers and symbols, making it even harder for someone to crack.  If you like two of these options, you can easily choose two types of passwords to log in.

Even if you lose your device, you have the option to delete all your sensitive information with One Safe.  All you need to do is go to the Settings tab and look for the option that states: Self Destruct.  This will automatically   destroy all information related to your accounts, passwords and any number that is left on the application.  This option will be activated if you get the wrong password at least three times straight, so make sure that you know the password(s) by heart.

If storing passwords and numbers isn’t enough for you, there is also the feature where you can easily store pictures within One Safe.  Any PDF, Word or Excel document that you want to store is also available within One Safe.  You can easily set up backup to keep your information safe, if you ever move on to a new device or if you accidentally delete your old one.  If you have complex usernames and passwords, you have a neat Copy-Paste technique that allows you to make it easy to input your information.  This application is worth $5.99, get it on app store.

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