Orrery App Review : The Best Educating App

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Kids these days are very much acclimatized to smart phones, tablets, music players at a very early stage.  Digital Revolution along with the technological advancement and the wide spread use of internet are the main reasons behind this drastic change. Toddlers operate with iPad’s and other kind of tablets and smart devices, it is essential that parents have to take immense care in the development and wellbeing of their kids. Since, kids these days are introduced to the high end technical products at an early stage parents can make sure that these games are informative and educative to their kids. There are many useful apps which help in interactive learning and brain development of the kids. Orrery is one such educative app developed and launched by trideon.de for the android users. The app requires android 2.3.3 and up for its effective functioning.

Many of us have the dream of becoming astronauts and exploring the space, you can make that dream come true by experiencing the visually stunning images of our solar system in this app. Users can view the entire solar system on a planar model which gives the users more in depth understanding and complete visual view of each and every planet.  The digital 3D graphics offers high definition and crystal clear images of our solar system. The users will be able to change the angle in which they view the planets in their respective orbits or they can change the direction through the time of the planets moving around the sun. The users can have the access the interesting facts about ach planet along with their moons by the click of their button. They will be landed on that specific planet to experience the view of the terrain and other aspects of the planets. The rotational speed of the model can be controlled by the users. The viewing angle can be changed from directly overhead to elliptical plane with the help of the up and down motions on your screen. The planet models can also be spun with the help of the left to right motions which will override the speed controlled by the slider at the bottom of the screen. The app also allows the image to be resized according to the user’s convenience.


  • Intelligent graphic design which recreates the effect of the radii and the orbital speeds of the planets
  • Excellent navigation of the camera without any disturbances
  • Mild and entertaining background music available at all times.
  • The app has optional trails and asteroid fields which aids in further exploration of our solar system.
  • The users can explore the areas and surfaces of Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus.
  • The app supports land scape and portrait views.
  • The date field can be inputted by the users.


Orrery app is a very educative, informative and visually entertaining app which will surely capture the attention of kids and adults alike. The app is available for download from Google play store for just $1.91. Download the app and enjoy its benefits along with your young ones.

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