Out of Brakes – Endless Arcade Racing

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Out of Brakes – Endless Arcade Racing is an iOS app that brings to you a unique combination of endless runner, car racing and LEGOs. Sounds peculiar right? Well, this game brings three completely unrelated genres into one superb game- one that you will not regret trying out. The vehicles are all made of small cubes, taking players back to the days when they used to spend hours on end with their LEGOs.


The game implementation is pretty much like all other endless runner games. There are a couple of obstacles in your infinite path and your job is to avoid them by touching the screen at the right moment. In addition, there are a number of resources to be collected. The main aim of all this is to maintain the protagonist in the game.


Out of Brakes – Endless Arcade Racing is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It requires iOS 7.0 or higher to operate and also needs 52 MB of memory space to be installed. As soon as you get started with the game, you are greeted with an elaborate tutorial that tells you everything you need to know in order to be able to play this one. The main twist in this game is that your car does not have brakes. The game track is not placed on an even slope. This means that the car speed varies as per the slope of the terrain. You must watch out for unexpected changes in speed that will catch you off your guard.

To make your life a little easier and more manageable, the developers have added a small feature that allows you to control the speed of the car- although not completely. You can decrease the speed of your vehicle by hitting the water locks. These are blue clocks placed in the middle of the track. While this might seem easy, you must also watch out for other obstacles such as holes, oil and pitfalls. These could cost you your life indeed. The major obstacle to look out for is red blocks. Hitting those will result in destruction of your car.


As you play the game, you shall find small trophies scattered on the path along your way. Catching these can release new cars and other items. While these do not add any special powers, they do lend a purpose to the game. The twist is that you cannot be sure which vehicle might grab your reward. If you wish to unlock new rewards, you must visit the App Store for this app. There, you can but some tools with ease.

The graphics and display of this app are indeed unique. They have been so designed keeping blocks in mind, taking you down memory lane each time you play this game. It has a retro style look with basic bitmap colouring and huge blocks. This, combined with the easy gameplay and interesting twists to endless runner games, makes Out of Brakes – Endless Arcade Racing worthy of a try.

Good: Graphics

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the for ios –  Download for android

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