PalmistryHD Android App Review

by | Jan 20, 2018 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Knowing our fortune and lies ahead for us in life has always intrigued humans. Even those who deny believing in astrology and palmistry and various other such methods find it curious or interesting, at the very least. PalmistryHD is an Android app that promises to give you an accurate palm reading and daily horoscope.

The app feels very sleek and modern. It takes a photo of your palm and provides personalized palm readings. The app analyzes the four main lines on your palm – Life line, Head line, Heart line and Fate line. The readings cover four main areas of your life, namely, love and relationships, health, career and success, and happiness.
The life line tells you about any major changes in your life and general well-being. The head line tells you how to learn and communicate. The heart line will tell you about your romantic relationships and your mental health. Fate line, as the name correctly indicates, tells you about things in your life that are out of your control and things that you generally attribute to fate.
There are also other lines like marriage line, children line and travel line that the app reads and analyzes. It also analyzes the shape of your hand and fingers, the mounts on your palm and any other special markings that may be present on your palm. The app has three packages available for palm reading and only the first package is free. The most basic package is called the starter package reads only your life and head line and is free. The next is the classic package that reads the life, head, heart and fate line. The premium package reads all aspects of your palm. The readings are almost instant and give a thorough overview of your life based on the lines of your palm. It is said that as you grow, and as changes take place in your life, these changes are reflected in your palm and therefore, you will need a new reading after some time. The app allows you to get a new reading whenever you want. This allows you to analyze your friend’s palms also and get their readings.
The app also provides daily horoscopes based on your zodiac signs. These are a general overview of how your day will be based on the alignment of planets. As the horoscopes are for your zodiac sign it is just a general overview and may not be very accurate.

The app requires you to take a picture of your palm. It provides a general outline of a palm and you have to place your palm within the outline and hold it steady for 5 seconds. You have to ensure that you are taking this picture in the proper lighting and placing your palm correctly. It takes a couple of tries to get this correctly and sometimes it takes too many tries. You need patience and effort to get a picture that can be accepted by the palm reading app. Another drawback of the app is that it is costly to get the classic and premium packages. Not many would want to shell out that amount for a palm reading and horoscope.
Overall it is an interesting app and can be a good tool for people interested in palm reading and horoscopes. If you are ready to spend the money, then choose the premium package to get a complete reading.
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