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Actually people grew up with variety of apps in all kinds; so primarily, when the familiar genres are enumerated they can’t assist but have the eager to check it out for, which is what actually happened with Peeks Social – Live Video. It is a publicly traded Toronto based eCommerce live video startup that is leading the best grossing charts for in-app payments on both iOS and Android.

Peeks Social monetizes users in its social network at levels particularly higher than all of its peers. While the Peeks Social community has adept access to use their earnings towards premium content, Broadcaster appreciation, crowdfunding contribution, and eCommerce sale’s on the platform. Peeks Social has been immensely earning revenues and continues to earn revenues daily.

Quality Ways to Make Money on Peeks Social

Peeks Social expediently offers multiple features to grow your income on your own time. The creators of all audience have the opportunity to work with exclusive brands and actively earn revenue from their content. Given below are best ways to make money through Peeks Social.

Offer Box

You could create and receive exclusive deals directly to your Offer Box.


For quality content, a paywall can be created that actively enables viewers to pay a premium before entering the stream.

AD Share

The users can join Peeks Social for free and have unlimited access to our marketplace, full of top creators and brands.


The creators have the great opportunity to receive direct compensation for their content from their audience.

Crowd Funding

Do you have a project or idea you need help funding? Peeks Social offers personal fundraising and permits your audience to help you reach your goal.

Ways in Making a Full Time Income Using Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when an ecommerce company pays a commission for online traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

How to Use It

  • Set up a stream and select go live
  • Develop the title
  • Include hashtags of the category you will be covering. The hashtag in your title decides what ad opportunities are available to you
  • Select “Get Sponsored” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Pick the ad you would like to appear on your stream.
  • Read the terms for the sponsorship agreement. If the ad is a good fit, click “accept” on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Once you have selected the offer, you will be brought back to the stream setup screen. Make sure the ad you chosen is beside the “Get Sponsored” tab.
  • If everything looks correct, begin your broadcast and start earning from your traffic

Salient Achievements

  • Android ranked Top 10 for in-app purchases in 15 countries
  • iOS ranked Top 10 for in-app purchases in 28 countries
  • Has hit 3 billion interactions in 2017
  • Good Record of Top broadcaster earned over $200,000 USD
  • $3m in revenues in first 9 months of operation – World first for a social networking platform
  • Only social network in the world with instant payouts on company branded Visa Card
  • Good ability to deposit crypto – Bitcoin for now to prepaid Visa card and spend anywhere in the world instantly
  • Downloaded in over 110 countries
  • 150 million page views
  • Number 1 technology company in the TSX Venture 50 2017

With this eminent app of Peeks Social – Live Video one can go Live. You can also start broadcasting your stream from anywhere to anyone in the world. Also get popular and widely grow your followers overnight by getting featured in Peeks Social. You can also get paid, collect tips, get sponsored, use paywalls and get paid for your content. Eventually you can effectively explore, watch exclusive live streams, videos from around the world and receive special offers.

Top Secret in Creating a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

You can crowdfund anything from publishing your own book, launching a product, or supporting a great cause. Below is some of the successful crowdfunding campaign

Actively set a Goal

Always best to set goals on funding and timelines and efficaciously strategize what you want to achieve and when you want to accomplish it,

Tell your Story

The more you personalize your story, the better.

Offer Rewards

Give your audience something in return for supporting your campaign.

Option of Self Promote

Before launching your crowdfunding campaign start generating buzz about your qualitative movement.

Good to Build a Relationship

It is also a good opportunity to build a relationship that might be beneficial to you in the future.

Eventually this Peeks Social continues to look at new ways to enhance the users experience and grow to new markets. The users can get start now and download Peeks from the App Store or Play Store. So enjoy getting rewarded for your content.





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