PIN Genie Vault App- Epic Review

by | Jul 30, 2016 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

There is an only sure way to secure and share your personal files, PIN Genie Vault. It has unbreakable encryption vault that safeguards the vital documents. You can get it wherever you go as it is at the App store. The app makes use of the four bulletproof buttons to secure your data. With the PIN technology your files are safely protected.

There are many mobile users out there who worry of their personal information being accessed, but with PIN Genie Vault your privacy matters. The app is backed by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and PIN Pad Patents. The application guarantees privacy satisfaction of personal data. The application is designed in a manner that boasts of its flawless functionality. It does magic to ensure that its core objective is achieved.



· Supports Files of any format 

This is to say; the app supports photos, video, detailed and crucial contact data, notes and images. With its encryption functionality, PIN Genie Vault gives the user to encrypt files on hand, make with ease and create protected notes, links, and other data by use of the vault directly. The encryption trait of the app allows users to share personal files by selection of a photo or folder, blurring and designing specific PIN that only is known to the user and receiving the party. Upon reception of the data by the recipient both will have to access the folder by a secretive PIN.

· PIN Genie Vault secures private data on any iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch 

All the data whether obtained in the-the cloud or local device, PIN Genie Vault does magic on records and data in iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch. It gives the security it deserves. The security is possible; the app makes use of AES 246 algorithm. This safeguards your browser history and locks the six PIN by preventing manipulation. The user creates a fake password that will be used by family and acquaintances thus giving them limited access to your phone and at the same time protect your personal files.


· The security application preserves data/information from unwanted parties 

This app is more than an application; it is a program that helps to protect vital information from outsiders or third parties. There is some fragile information that needs to be shared; PIN Genie does it best as it secures its movement from one side to the other. The app uses innovative strategy to transfer data minding its sensitivity.


PIN Genie Vault App Pros; 

· Distinctive features

· Data encryption enabled

· Easy to create and secures contact info, notes, and other files

· Secured with PIN

· Prevent manipulation and intruders in your personal life

PIN Genie Vault App Cons; 

· Only compatible with iOS 8.0

Final Verdict 

Secure your future with PIN Genie. Download it now; it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Walk with your personal file security wherever you go with PIN Genie vault. Get PIN Genie Vault on the App store. It is a total security for tomorrow personal data or information. PIN Genie Vault is an app you cannot afford to miss as it takes your security to the next level.

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