Planet 911 App: Personal Security Tool Against Crime

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The current dynamic society tends to experience a lot of issues when it come to security matters. This is a challenging situation that affects individual and deny them the peace of mind while undertaking different forms of activities. Over the year, it has been quite difficult to find a lasting situation that bring tranquility in relation to security and even bring the culprits to the rule of the law. This can in turn give justice to the affected ones. Recently, there has been a milestone achievement when the incredible Planet 911 app was unveiled. This is a unique app of its kind that has taken detailed security measures into consideration thus enabling the users to have an easy and peaceful moment. Truly speaking, Planet 911 app is a true definition of a great and efficient tool that is bound to bring change to the security sector.


The Functionality of the Planet 911 app

This amazing tool has been designed in a simple way to ensure that it provides rapid response each time one requires its service. Actually, the user needs to only press once the indicated buttons in order for the signal to be send and alert the loved ones. The app has adopted two types of recordings; audio and video records thus enabling easy and quick track of the series of events happening where the user is located.

To boost proper identification of the location point of the user, the GPS feature has been installed. This feature is responsible for transmitting location points to the loved ones or close allies to facilitate quick search of the user. It is evident that Planet 911 app performs the role of emergency response with great efficiency thus a recommendable tool to get.

Suitable Devices For Planet 911 app

With such great capabilities in associating great intelligence in the security platform, Planet 911 app stands out as an app that requires a stable and high performing device. This is meant to ensure continuous flow of security operations during the process of tracking. Thus, the most suitable devices are iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Besides, it requires an operating system from version iOS 8.0 or any new one available.

What are the features that come out when having an experience with the Planet 911 app? Here are some of them:


Unique types of alerts

This amazing app provides two varying escalation levels of alerts that are ready for use. The first one contains a yellow button and is designed purposely to be pressed when one is in a mild state of uneasiness in relation to the security. The other option is the red button that is pressed by the user when the surrounding situation is overly dangerous; thus it immediately sends the 911 alerts to the loved ones.

Efficient GPS Feature

Apparently, this amazing feature works really well when it comes to transmission of details in relation to the exact geographical position of the Planet 911 app user. This highly facilitate the emergency team to perform a quick follow up to offer assistance.

Alert siren response 

In the scenario where the user is in a potential attack situation, the alert siren can be activated. Its high-pitched sound can be used to keep the attackers off. It only takes a single press of the button to set it on and chase away the attackers!

Audio and video record well integrated

There is great essence of gaining access to the audio speech and video footage especially when it comes to security matters. The aspect of featuring audio and video components in Planet 911 app facilitates creation of evidence that can be used to arrest burglars and other criminals.

Emergency list of contacts

With a 10-contact list being supported by this app, this enables one to easily send communication to all of them in the event of being in an insecure situation. This gives a quick-response action to be communicated and undertaken.


Below are the noticeable pros and cons of the Planet 911 app


· Easy and quick location of individuals in insecure situations

· Facilitates quick issue of response-related action

· Personal siren highly efficient in scaring burglars

· Gives peace of mind for the love ones and to users

· Storage of audio and video footage is highly informational


· Ineffective GPS when battery dies off

· Slowdown in performance in low network areas

Final Verdict

It is clear that Planet 911 app has displayed a true definition of an emergency service provider. It not only provides peace of mind to the user but also to the close loved ones. It has transcended further to provide high quality audio transmission and video footage thus giving concrete detailed and evidential information. It has proven to be an informational, reliable and easy-to-use tool that is worth adoptable for security purposes. Download this app now for free and get assurance to efficient security!

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