Pocket Monkey – Adventure iOS Game in Your Pocket

by | May 7, 2012 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Pocket Monkey – Adventure iOS Game in Your Pocket

Games are meant for fun and adventure. Whether it be some hardcore action or some easy game play, it always ensures entertainment and takes you in a virtual world. With smart phones, you get an access to these games on your phone and there are a lot of developers introducing something new to the market daily. Game cell is a new name in this gaming industry with previous efforts like Celestial Defense. But the high quality graphics and the story line say it all when it comes to their performance in the field. Here is one another application, Pocket Monkey, from them available on I pad and I phone.

Pocket Monkey is the newest addition to the app store games and is an adventurous journey of a monkey to find his lost tribe. The journey consists of a total 60 unique levels with difficulties increasing as we go up the order. There are many traps to survive and you will find a numerous number of different animals and wild creatures on your way and you have to pass them all. The monkey can do all the routine work of an actual monkey like climbing the trees, jumping off the branches to collect fruits. But these bananas and nuts are not just meant for hunger but are the main weapon to attack any of these animals, if encountered. Also, you get 8 different types of enemies to fight against like Gorilla, Snake, spider, etc.

The graphics of the game are just awesome. The colors are amazing and fillers have enriched the screen perfectly. It takes you back to the old days of Jungle Book with a little modification. The versatility it offers to you gives you a never ending fun and it won’t be easy for you to get bored playing it. Also, as a beginner, it is easy to get addicted with it due to its simple to understand story line and the whole idea is connectable with the user. You get a real taste of wandering and jumping in between the jungle while escaping the enemies to make it to your people.

Even though it is a high quality game, the story line does not offer that much to account for. It is same as many of the other games with a difference in their game play. Of course, it offers a much better game play with the variation in different stages, but still, you don’t want to spend a whole day on something that is a bit repeating and is a much similar to the previous ones you have played. There could have been some more additions to the accessory items like to be fascinating the whole idea a little bit. But still, the game is very good. Also, it comes for free on the app store. So, what more do you want for free than a trip to a world full of enemies in search of your friends!

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