Prehistoric Park Builder – Theme Park in Stone Age Style

by | Dec 18, 2013 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

The game Prehistoric Park builder is a very good imaginative simulator game of constructing amusement parks, which gives a good feel about how the modern age amusement parks would have been constructed during the stone age. It helps us to travel in a time machine from modern age to Stone age and carve the modern age amusement parks in the pre historic age.


Like all other simulator games, Prehistoric park builder also gives you a realtime feel. As a beginner of this game you will get step by step instructions on how to play this game. This game is designed effectively to manage your amusement park to make yourself very interesting and involved into this game.

You can build your amusement park with decorative items like palm tree, stones, weed, spiny horse tail , yellow flower, wicker tree, turtle flower, long leave trees, lizard tongue, lilly bush, white flower bed, fountains, etc. On the other hand you could use few entertaining rides like swing, wooden chute, trampoline, hedge maze, stone chute, football, jump tower, small carousel, dinomotor, bungee jump, drop tower, little slow engine, log swing, pool pipe, junior joy ride, laugh room, balloon fight, Boat Pool, etc. to make people who visit your park entertained. pre2

You could build food stalls and make the food items like drinking fountain, bench, restroom, snack bar, pineapple cocktails, ice cream, balloon stand, gift shop, fruit stand, sushi bar, restaurant, etc. available for the visitors. You have option to decorate your amusement park path ways with variety of designs based on the cost like dirt path, stone path, decorative path, star path, golden path. You have option to hire various staff members to manage your amusement park effectively. The staff members include collector, janitor, guard, technician, clown, etc. The staff members can be hired on hourly basis or daily basis and their salary varies accordingly.

Your game experience will be evaluated based on the happiness of the visitors, number of visitors coming to your amusement park and the income you are gaining in the form of coins. The number of visitors will vary based on the size of your amusement park so you should always think about introducing new rides and expanding the amusement park. Sometimes visitors may end up in a fight within your amusement park, hiring a guard staff would reduce the risk of fight among visitors and it will give your amusement park a good reputation. You have option to buy gold using in app purchases or you could collect free gold coins by finishing few affiliate tasks. You also get some good deals on buying repairing tools which can be used to repair the worn out rides of your amusement park. pre3

This game is well integrated with social media. It allows you to take snaps of your park and share easily in social media sites like Facebook, twitter, etc. This game allows you to select a language from a set of supported languages. You have option to zoom in and zoom out to have a better view of your amusement park which allows you to have a control of your entire park. This is really an addictive game of simulation genre that everyone should give a try.

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