Protect Your Phone with 360 Security Antivirus App

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Android Apps | 0 comments

You do a lot with your android phone but do you know that with more internet activities, your android phone is at risk of getting more malware and viruses which can damage your costly mobile set forever? The effect of virus, malware and spyware is long lasting in most of the cases and at the same time, your privacy is at stake when your mobile is not protected. It is essential to protect your device with an antivirus system and that is what is provided by Qihu 360 Software Co., LTD(QIHU). The company brings you 360 Security – Antivirus Free and it protects your smartphone from all virus related problems.

3s1The 360 Security app not only works as your antivirus protection but also cleans the apps running idle in the background, thus saving your disk space. Junk files are deleted and system vulnerability is removed by the app. You can optimize your android phone by the use of this app. The app has been trusted by all its users and that is why around 467 million people are using this one. The app not only cleans the phone but also saves power. You are actually going to get more talktime on your phone which is often a great problem for android phones.


  • The app comes with dual layer of antivirus protection so that it can save your mobile from any kind of antivirus even if it is a new one.
  • The app performs vulnerability scan, virus scan and total mobile check up in order to find out if there is anything wrong in the system and informs you about the most appropriate action.
  • The app is known for stopping any idle app running in the backgroud. By doing so, it saves the power and keeps the phone running for a longer period of time.
  • as the private usage history and idle backgroud is cleaned the phone runs faster than before.
  • The app also recommends new apps for you. It selects some latest apps for you that are good to download and manages all your existing apps.
  • You can block unwanted calls and SMS through the use of this app.
  • The app comes with anti theft feature. If your beloved phone is lost by some reason it is possible to erase memory. The lost alert and other services will also help you find your device.
  • Multifunction notification is available with the app where multiple alerts and recent screen can be checked out.
  • You can use the shake and clean up feature to shake and clean running task and save disk space.
  • You can use the vault facility to secure media and communication info with your special ones.
  • You can back up sms and contacts with 360 Security.
  • The version 1.9.5 requires android 2.2 or later and it takes around 11 MB space on your device.

Summary: 360 Security is a free antivirus which not only protects your phone from virus and other threats but it can be quite helpful when you lose your phone or you have to deal with virus that are already in it.

Good: The anti theft protection can actually help you find your phone.

Bad: The app has everything that can secure your device, but small bug fixes are required.

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