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There is nothing better than a good date. Eventually, if you like a decent date or seeking for the same then I would like to introduce you to the dating app named as IceBreaker. Before moving further I would like to clear that it is not a men or woman finding app. It’s only a simple app with so many questions that you can ask or give an answer to your partner at the time of dating in order to know him or her well.

How IceBreaker App is working?

The working is almost normal and there is no rocket science in this. You need to download & install the app and just click on ‘Start’ button. After that, the questions will be coming on the screen which you need to ask or you can answer the same. This will be helpful in making the talking flow continue.

Features of IceBreaker app

  • Simple design & layout
  • Available in French & English
  • User-Friendly
  • Decent app for decent people
  • Questions are easy and understandable
  • Available for both girl and boy


What type of questions it include?

The questions are sensible and very relevant to the dating approach. Some of the questions are as follow.

Would you like to be famous? In what way?

If you could wake up tomorrow with one quality or ability what would it be?

At 90 would you prefer the mind or the body of 30 years old?

At what platform it is available?

IceBreaker is available at Google Play Store & Apple Store as well

Is it paid or free?

It is paid app and available at $1.99 at Apple Store and Rs.150 at Google Play Store.

What is benefit of using IceBreaker

  • You can know your partner in better way
  • Beneficial for those who hesitate to speak in the first date
  • Give you a way to continue your flow in your date
  • Providing idea through questions to make your continuous flow

My own experience with IceBreaking App

I used this app and I find this app to be very supportive. Make my date to memorable one. I ask questions and also answer to my partner. In this way we get to know more about each other. We also had unbreakable conversation.

Over all summaries:

I think you might be interested in accessing the IceBreaking App after knowing its stories. I would recommend to download and install this app to know unlock the fun hide in this game.

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