Say What App: A Great Translation App For Mastering English Around The World

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What about getting a chance to become one of the proficient communicator of different slang English found across the world? This is something that instills great pride and creates a perfect positive impression among the locals. In many instances, travelers have been encountering a great challenge when it comes to communicating efficiently across the border. The language might even be similar but due to the introduction of the local slang, it sounds quite different and some phrases might be hard to comprehend. Now there is no need to worry. With the unveiling of the Say What app, everything including translation has been made much easier.


Understanding the Operation of Say What app

The app has been designed by Marybeth Everhart to offer its users with a great experience when it comes to reviewing different English slang phrases. It was actually released on 16th June,2016 and so far it has proven to be a high performing app based on the high rating (4_ rating) and the overall review from honest users. It creates a platform where individuals can submit different name phrase and the app will facilitate quick search to offer the best results.

Different phrases which appear quite hard to be understood are perfectly translated to American English. Thus, this makes it quite easy to understand. It is critical to note that this app operates efficiently for the English-speaking countries which tend to contain diverse English slang phrases.


Compatibility of Say What app

This new version 1.0 has really proven to have great capabilities that tend to perfectly meet the user’s needs. Thus, in order to remain efficient, it has adopted effective platforms such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. In relation to the operating system, this great app integrates well with iOS 7.1 or any latest version available. This has enabled it to consistently run smoothly.

Distinct Features found in Say What app

Give a submission of words and phrases

One will discover that there are different phrases and words that are found within a country’s list. Meanwhile, the user might be having a new word that needs to be checked in order to get its meaning in relation to that country’s slang English. This is perfectly enhanced by the Say What app with much ease.

Make a discovery of new terms from different countries

Surprisingly, this great app supports English phrases from many English-speaking countries. Some of the countries entailed include South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, England and New Zealand. This implies that the user will be exposed to a diverse vocabulary of phrases and words.


Perfect translation of phrases to American-English

The quality of translation is overwhelmingly satisfactory thus making the user to get an amazing experience when using this great app. Besides, effective translation will always bring quick and easy understanding of the language.

Effective means of searching phrases

There are two modes of searching that are provided by this great app. First, the user can search different terms in relation to the country where they originate from whereas the other approach is based on the phrase or the word itself. Both approaches are effective and the chance way too fast than expected.

What are the pros and the cons experienced by this incredible app?


  • Enriches one’s understanding of new foreign phrases
  • Helps one to create an incredible impression among locals
  • Travelling becomes fun and engaging by efficiently communicating with locals
  • Helps in diversification of culture and traditions
  • Instills a sense of achievement and pride


  • The app is restricted only to English-speaking countries
  • Users may lack flow in talking due to not fully understanding the local language

Final Verdict

Say What app has come out as a great app that creates a great link between the American-English and other English versions. It instills great value of enhancing effective communication especially for travelers who move across such countries. This top rated app is something one should not miss especially who has intent of learning new culture. Get it now on App Store for free and enjoy a learning experience!

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